METALIB Procedure

FOLDER= or FOLDERID= Statement

Specifies where new metadata is stored in SAS folders.
See: Specifying a Folder for the Metadata


FOLDER = "/pathname" | FOLDERID = "identifier.identifier";

Required Arguments

FOLDER= "/pathname"
is the pathname to an existing folder in the SAS folder tree. If the specified folder does not exist, or if the name is misspelled, PROC METALIB returns an error. The pathname begins with a forward slash, and is given relative to the branch of the folder tree in which the folder resides. Here is an example:
folder="/User Folders/MyUserID/My Folder/Test";
FOLDERID= "identifier.identifier"
is the full 17-character metadata identifier of the Tree object that represents the folder. Using FOLDERID= is not recommended if you can use FOLDER=. The FOLDER= syntax is preferable because it shows the location of the folder in SAS Management Console.


When you specify FOLDER= or FOLDERID=, you add or update the table definition in the specified SAS folder. Column, ForeignKey, Index, KeyAssociation, and UniqueKey objects are added or updated in the same folder as the specified PhysicalTable object. The SASLibrary object remains in its original folder.
If a table is defined in more than one folder, updating the table definition in all of the folders is recommended. And, you must submit a PROC METALIB step for each folder. Using the SELECT= statement is recommended to ensure that you update the correct table. If a table is defined in more than one folder, then you will see multiple table definitions in the Data Library Manager on the Plug-ins tab of SAS Management Console. The multiple table definitions will have the same name, but they will be in different SAS folder locations. Every table definition has a unique metadata identifier.
If you do not specify a folder, and if table definitions exist in more than one folder, PROC METALIB updates the first table definition that is found for each table in the specified library. (If you submit SELECT=, PROC METALIB updates the specified table in the specified library.) If you do not specify a folder, and if a table is new, PROC METALIB adds the new table definition to the SASLibrary object's folder.