METALIB Procedure

Example 2: Synchronizing Metadata with the Data Source



Default connection properties

OMR statement

UPDATE_RULE statement with DELETE argument

REPORT statement with MATCHING argument

This example adds, updates, and deletes existing metadata describing the tables in a SAS library in the SAS Metadata Repository to match the current physical tables in the SAS library. Because this example does not specify connection arguments for the metadata server, the procedure uses the values of the METAPASS, METAPORT, METAREPOSITORY, METASERVER, and METAUSER system options that are active for the SAS session.
Specify the data source. Specify a SAS library that is already defined in the metadata. This example specifies the same library that was in the previous example.
proc metalib;
   omr (libid="AZ00000A");
Delete obsolete metadata. This example deletes any table definition that does not correspond to a table in the SAS library. The default actions of add and update are also performed.
Create a report. The MATCHING argument causes the report to include a list of tables whose metadata matches the data source. If you do not specify the MATCHING argument when synchronizing existing metadata, and if there has been no change to the data source (which would result in adding, updating, or deleting metadata), the REPORT statement returns only summary statistics.
This is the report created in the Output window.
SAS Output: Updates to SAS Library AZ00000A