METALIB Procedure


Excludes or selects a table, or a list of tables, for processing.
Requirement: Use either EXCLUDE or SELECT, not both. Use one form of table specification (that is, either table-name or table-identifier).
Interaction: When you select or exclude tables, be aware that the tables that you select can affect the associated objects that are updated. For example, both the primary key and foreign key tables must be selected for foreign key metadata to be updated. The primary key and foreign key tables must be in the same library and in the same repository.


EXCLUDE<=>(table-specification <table-specification-n>)
| SELECT<=>(table-specification <READ=read-password>
<table-specification-n <READ=read-password-n>>);

Required Argument

is the SAS name of a physical table that is referenced by the SASLibrary object. If metadata already exists for the table, the table name is the value of the SASTableName= attribute of the PhysicalTable object. Do not specify the value of the Name= attribute, which is a user-defined name that can differ from the SAS name.
If any of the table names in the list contain special or mixed-case characters, you must enclose each table name in quotation marks. If any of the table names contain special or mixed-case characters, PROC METALIB converts all unquoted table names to uppercase. In the following example, all of the values must be enclosed in quotation marks, because the fourth value in the statement is mixed case. If the first three values were not enclosed in quotation marks, they would be uppercased as TAB1, TAB2, and TAB3.
select ("tab1" "tab2" "tab3" "Table4");
is the full 17-character metadata identifier of a PhysicalTable object. The identifier is valid for SELECT, but not for EXCLUDE. For more information, see Metadata Object Identifiers and URIs. Quotation marks are optional.
Note: SAS Data Integration Studio can process work tables that exist temporarily in the Work library. See the note about a blank library specification at OMR Statement.

Optional Argument

is the READ password, if any, that was previously assigned to the table. For information about file protection, see SAS Language Reference: Concepts. The following example specifies a READ password for tab1:
select ("tab1" read=mypwd "tab2" "tab3" "Table4");