METALIB Procedure

REPORT Statement

Creates a report that summarizes metadata changes in the Output window.
Default: TYPE=SUMMARY report
See: Generating an Impact Analysis


REPORT <<=> (report-arguments)>;

Optional Arguments

specifies that the report includes all of the information generated by TYPE=SUMMARY, and includes the list of Job and Transformation objects that are related to the tables that are being processed.The IMPACT_LIMIT Statement statement must also be specified to include the list of Job and Transformation objects.
specifies that the report includes information about any metadata changes that were (or would be) made to the table that is being processed.
When specified with IMPACT_LIMIT, the following occurs:
  • Only tables that have Job or Transformation objects associated with them are listed. (This is also known as an impact analysis.)
  • No changes are made, unless IMPACT_LIMIT is greater than zero.
specifies that the report includes a list of tables whose metadata matches their data source (that is, they require no metadata changes). By default, the report does not include the list of these matching tables, but it does include the number of matching tables.


The REPORT statement is optional. If it is omitted from the PROC METALIB request, PROC METALIB writes summary information to the SAS log. Specifying REPORT without any report arguments causes the output to be written to the Output window. For more information, see Results: METALIB Procedure with the REPORT Statement .