METALIB Procedure

Overview: METALIB Procedure

The METALIB procedure supports SAS data sets (data files and data views) and DBMS data. The data source is referred to as a table in this documentation and the procedure's output.
When you run PROC METALIB, you specify a SAS library that is already defined in the SAS Metadata Server. You can create a metadata definition for a SAS library using the New Library wizard in the SAS Management Console Data Library Manager or SAS Data Integration Studio.
The METALIB procedure updates the metadata in the metadata server to match the tables in a library. By default, the procedure performs the following tasks:
  • creates metadata for any table that does not have metadata
  • updates metadata about all of the tables' columns, indexes, and integrity constraints
With optional statements, PROC METALIB can perform the following additional tasks:
  • Select or exclude specific tables from processing.
  • Specify where new metadata is stored in SAS folders.
  • Perform an impact analysis to see whether any Transformation or Job objects are associated with the tables. (Information maps are modeled with Transformation objects.)
  • Limit the update of table definitions that would affect Job or Transformation objects.
  • Add a prefix to the name of all new metadata objects.
  • Generate a report of changes that the procedure made to metadata.
  • Generate a report of needed metadata changes without making the changes.
  • In the generated report, include a list of tables that match the metadata.
  • Suppress the metadata add action, the metadata update action, or both.
  • Delete metadata that has no corresponding data source or is duplicated.
For more information, see How PROC METALIB Works.