METALIB Procedure


Overrides one or both of the default add and update actions, and specifies the delete actions.
Requirement: An error is returned if you specify both NOADD and NOUPDATE and omit DELETE. The procedure must have an action to perform if both of the default actions are suppressed.



Required Arguments

specifies to delete a table definition in the repository if a corresponding table is not found in the data source. If duplicate table definitions exist, the additional table definitions are deleted unless NODELDUP is specified.
specifies not to add a table definition to the repository for a table that has no metadata.
specifies not to delete duplicate table definitions in the repository. A duplicate table definition has the same SASTableName= value as the table definition being processed. Duplicate table definitions are deleted by default when DELETE is specified. NODELDUP is valid only when DELETE is specified.
specifies not to update existing table definitions in the repository to match the corresponding tables in the data source.