METALIB Procedure

Example 1: Creating Metadata for a Data Source



OMR statement with server connection arguments

REPORT statement

This example creates metadata that describes the physical tables in a new SAS library in a SAS Metadata Repository. The SAS library must already exist and contain SAS data sets. You must have already created a metadata definition for the SAS library in the SAS Management Console Data Library Manager.
Specify the data source and server connection properties.PROC METALIB creates new metadata or updates any existing metadata describing the data sets in the SAS library identified in the OMR statement. A SAS library is identified by referencing its metadata definition. To read the metadata definition, you must establish a connection to the SAS Metadata Server. Here, the optional SERVER, PORT, USER, and PASSWORD arguments are used to establish the server connection. The library definition is identified in the LIBID= argument by its 8-character metadata identifier. The object is assumed to be in the Foundation repository unless the METAREPOSITORY system option specifies a different repository.
proc metalib;
     omr (libid="AZ00000A" server="localhost" port="8561" 
user="sasadm@saspw" password="adminpw");
Create a report.The REPORT statement without options specifies to create a default summary report.
This is the report created in the Output window.
SAS Output: New Table Metadata Created by PROC METALIB