GMAP Procedure

Example 22: Using GfK GeoMarketing Map Data to Specify Country Subdivisions on a Continent


MAP= required argument referring to GfK map data

DATA= argument referring to response data

ID statement

CHORO statement options :
Data set: MAPSGFK.AFRICA1 (map and response data)
Sample library member: GMPGCON1
The GfK GeoMarketing map data set used in this example is licensed to be used only with SAS/GRAPH.
This example uses the first-level administrative detail in countries offering that detail in the GfK map data set to show the subdivisions within countries in the African continent. This level of detail is available only by country and not at a continent level with the traditional map data sets.
Specify Country Subdivisions on a Continent Using GfK Map Data
Set the graphics environment.
goptions reset=all border;
Define the titles and footnote for the map.
title1 j=c 'Africa:';
title2 j=c 'First-Level Administrative Country Subdivisions';
footnote1 j=r 'This map drawn with GfK map data';
Change the color in some indistinguishable areas.
pattern1 value=msolid color=CXD0F0C0; 
pattern2 value=ms color=CXE6E6FA;  
pattern3 value=ms color=CXE7FEFF; 
Produce the choropleth map. The DISCRETE= option generates a separate color for each different response variable value. The NOLEGEND= option specifies that no legend statement is associated with the map. The STATISTIC= option specifies that the GMAP procedure will match the first observation from MAPSGFK.AFRICA1 data set and output the response value from this observation only.
proc gmap map=mapsgfk.africa1 data=mapsgfk.africa1;
id isoalpha2 id; 
choro isoalpha2/discrete nolegend stat=first;