GMAP Procedure

About Traditional Map Data Sets


Traditional map data sets have been available since the inception of SAS/GRAPH. These map data sets are resident in both the MAPS and MAPSSAS libraries. The library reference (libref) MAPSSAS is set during system configuration and cannot be changed. MAPSSAS is provided for ease-of-use when using the MAPS= system option within SAS. Use the option to point to either the traditional map data set library MAPSSAS or the GfK map data set library MAPSGFK.

Traditional Map Data Sets Containing Only X and Y

The traditional map data sets that contain X and Y variables (and no LONG and LAT variables), are usually projected maps. However, there are a few traditional map data sets for the US and Canada that contain X and Y values that are unprojected longitude and latitude. In this case, you need to use the GPROJECT procedure to project the map. (SeeGPROJECT Procedure).
Note: You can determine whether a SAS traditional map data set is projected or unprojected in one of two ways. You can look at the description of each variable that is displayed when you use the CONTENTS procedure. You can also browse the MAPS.METAMAPS data set. An example of using the CONTENTS procedure follows:
proc contents data=maps.chile; /*<libref.datatsetname> */