GMAP Procedure

About GfK GeoMarketing Map Data Sets


Starting with the second maintenance release of SAS 9.3, GfK GeoMarketing digital, vector-based map data sets are available for use. These map data sets are located in the MAPSGFK library. The library reference (libref) MAPSGFK is set during system configuration and cannot be changed. Use the MAPS= system option within SAS to point to either the GfK map data set library MAPSGFK or the traditional map data set library MAPSSAS. MAPS points to the MAPSSAS library by default.

Licensing Information

SAS has licensed the vector-based map data sets representing the world from GfK GeoMarketing GmbH. These map data sets are to be used only with SAS/GRAPH for your internal business purposes.
Anyone with specialized map needs can license map data directly from GfK GeoMarketing GmbH. They can be assured that their map data will match up with the map data provided with SAS/GRAPH.
The map data sets in library MAPSGFK are based on the digital, vector-based maps from GfK GeoMarketing GmbH and are covered by their copyright. For additional information, see

Updates to GfK Map Data Sets

Updates and changes to the GfK GeoMarketing map data sets will be provided by GfK GeoMarketing GmbH. SAS will make these updates available via SAS Maps Online. See Accessing SAS Maps Online for details about downloading data updates, sample SAS/GRAPH programs, and GIF images of maps.