GMAP Procedure

Summary of Use

To use the GMAP procedure, you must do the following:
  1. When using a map data set, determine what processing needs to be done to the map data set before it is displayed. Use the GPROJECT, GREDUCE, and GREMOVE procedures or a DATA step to perform the necessary processing.
  2. Issue a LIBNAME statement for the SAS data set that contains the response data set, or use a DATA step to create a response data set.
  3. When using a map data set, use the PROC GMAP statement to identify the map data set as the MAP= value and response data set as the DATA= value.
  4. Use the ID statement to specify the id-variable(s).
  5. Use a BLOCK, CHORO, PRISM, or SURFACE statement to identify the response variable and generate the map.