G3D Procedure

Controlling the Axes

Because the relationship between a plot's surface and the actual data values can be difficult to interpret, the readability of the plot can be enhanced by; changing the number of tick marks on the axes, or restricting the vertical axis range.
The G3D procedure supports AXIS definitions for Java and ActiveX only. However, you can use the functionality of PLOT and SCATTER statements to:
  • suppress the axes
  • suppress axis labels
  • suppress tick mark values
  • specify the number of tick marks
  • specify minimum and maximum values for the Z axis
  • specify whether grid lines connect axis tick marks
The font and height of the graph's text can be changed with the GOPTIONS FTEXT= option and the GOPTIONS HTEXT= option, respectively. The GOPTIONS FBY= option can be used to specify the font for the BY-labels for BY-group graphs.