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Several of the SAS/ACCESS engines have been modified in SAS 9 to take advantage of a new I/O subsystem that allows reading entire blocks of data instead of reading data just one record at a time. This block read capability reduces I/O bottlenecks and allows procedures to read data as fast as they are able to process it. The following SAS/ACCESS engines support this functionality:

These DBMS engines now have the capability to access DBMS data in parallel by using multiple threads to the parallel DBMS server. With this technology these SAS/ACCESS engines can deliver data to SAS much faster than before. Coupling the threaded SAS procedures with these SAS/ACCESS engines provides even greater gains in performance.

One of the limitations to the amount of scalability that can be seen with the SAS/ACCESS engines is the efficiency of parallelization implemented in the DBMS itself. In the SAS environment there are options available on the libname statement that enable tuning of the threaded implementation within the SAS/ACCESS engines themselves.

SAS 9 online documentation for the SAS/ACCESS products.

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