SAS® for Containers

SAS for Containers provides the ability to easily deploy SAS components within container-enabled infrastructures, including Docker and Kubernetes, which are often run in the cloud. Users can interact with their customized container of SAS software using SAS® Studio, a browser-based interface, or Jupyter Notebook — an open source notebook-style interface.

SAS for Containers offers options for using both SAS® 9 and SAS® Viya® technologies on Docker and Kubernetes. SAS has initiated support for Docker deployment on SAS 9 through the concept of a recipe. For SAS Viya technologies, SAS allows the user to deploy Docker containers using either recipes or native Docker images.

Recipe Definition

A recipe for SAS for Containers is a set of instructions that allow a user to access their traditional SAS software depot, extract the software components to perform a Docker image build and create their own containers.

Advantages of the recipe approach:

Docker Image Definition

The Docker image is pre-defined and available directly through the Docker image repository hosted by SAS. As users license SAS Viya technology, they receive access to both the software depot (if they are interested in using a recipe) and the Docker image repository. If they choose the Docker image repository, they can use the Docker image directly or move the image into their own repository.

Advantages of using the Docker image include

SAS 9 for Containers

Users can deploy SAS 9 on containers using the SAS Analytics for Containers Recipe. See SAS 9.4 and Container Technology: Build and Run a Container.

SAS Viya for Containers

Users can deploy programming-only SAS Viya for Containers in two ways:
  1. Use the Docker Image approach. See SAS Viya 3.4 for Containers: Deployment Guide

    Products Included in the SAS Viya Docker Image:

    The image contains some or all of the following SAS products:

    SAS® Cloud Analytic Services for Viya 3.4 SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop (on SAS Viya)
    SAS® Econometrics 8.3 SAS/ACCESS® Interface to ODBC (on SAS Viya)
    SAS® In-Database Technologies for Hadoop (on SAS Viya) SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files (on SAS Viya)
    SAS® Optimization 8.3 SAS/ACCESS Interface to PostgreSQL (on SAS Viya)
    SAS® Studio 4.4 SAS/CONNECT® (on SAS Viya)
    SAS® Visual Analytics (on SAS Viya) 8.3 SAS/IML® (on SAS Viya)
    SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.3 SAS/QC® (on SAS Viya)
    SAS® Visual Statistics (on SAS Viya) 8.3 SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop (on SAS Viya)  

  2. Recipe:

    In order to offer users additional flexibility and accelerate their container deployments, SAS offers deployment scenarios using recipes. To enhance collaboration and openness, SAS is delivering the recipes in the form of open source projects hosted on GitHub. The recipes’ components are subject to reasonable testing from SAS contributors. However in the spirit of the open source community, it is expected that consumers interact and collaborate with the projects’ contributors by opening issues on the projects with the end goal of improving the experience of all the consumers of the projects.

    Access the open source project on GitHub.