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Welcome to Getting Started with SAS!

This quick-start guide is for new SAS users who are programmers or have a programming background. You'll learn the essentials to get you up and running with SAS as quickly as possible.

To begin, it's a good idea to complete all topics under Getting to know SAS. Then select programs that interest you from Exploring sample SAS programs and experiment with them. For reference, training, and other resources, see Learning more.

Getting to know SAS
   See an overview of SAS
Find out what SAS offers you as a programmer.
   Explore the SAS workspace
Take a tour of SAS windows for performing common tasks.
   Work with SAS data sets
Learn how SAS organizes data and stores SAS files.
   Create and run SAS programs
Write and submit SAS programs using programming windows.

Exploring sample SAS programs
   Create a library
   Read SAS data sets
   Read PC database files
   Submit SAS programs to remote hosts
   Create and redefine variables
   Use conditional statements
   Subset data
   Work with SAS dates and times
   Print data
   Count data
   Tabulate data
   Query data
   Join tables
   Create plots
   Create charts
   Use the Output Delivery System (ODS)

Learning more
   SAS Customer Support Center web site
   Technical support
   Online and classroom training
   Sample programs
   Online documentation
   Communities and user groups
   Additional Base SAS capabilities