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SAS compute services give you easy access to many of the remote resources on your network from a single local SAS session. SAS/CONNECT provides access to remote resources in two forms, synchronous and asynchronous. With synchronous processing, you wait for the results of the remote processing before you are able to continue local processing. With asynchronous processing, you immediately regain control to continue local processing while the remote job executes, and you can obtain results later.

Remote access helps you effectively use all the computing resources within your organization. Compute services also let you take advantage of the Output Delivery System (ODS) in SAS to change the format and appearance of SAS output that is generated on a remote host.

The SAS/CONNECT statements SIGNON, SIGNOFF, RSUBMIT, and ENDRSUBMIT enable you to submit statements to a remote host from a session on the local host. You can include these statements in a SAS program and do both local and remote processing within a single SAS program.

More Information You must have SAS/CONNECT licensed to submit SAS programs to remote hosts.

Submitting SAS programs to remote hosts

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