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An effective way to examine the relationship between variables is to plot their values. To produce single or overlaid plots, you can use

  • the PLOT procedure in Base SAS to visualize data quickly
  • the GPLOT procedure in SAS/GRAPH software to produce presentation-quality graphics that include color and various fonts.

In addition, you can create PROC GPLOT output using the SAS/GRAPH Control for ActiveX, which enables you to embed interactive graphs in web pages and OLE documents.

The syntax for the two procedures is very similar, although PROC GPLOT offers a number of additional formatting capabilities. This task shows you both ways of creating various types of plots.

More Information You must have SAS/GRAPH licensed to create plots using PROC GPLOT.

Creating plots

Point-and-Click Methods

If you have SAS/GRAPH licensed, you can create presentation-quality plots using a point-and-click interface.

  1. In SAS, click Solutionsthen Reportingthen Graph-N-Go.
  2. Click the New SAS Data Set icon and select data for the chart.
  3. Click the icon for the desired plot type and drop it on the workspace. Then double-click the plot object, select your data source as the data model, and specify variables and plot options.

You can view and save the PROC GPLOT code that Graph-N-Go generates.

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