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You can use the CHART procedure in Base SAS for producing

  • vertical and horizontal bar charts
  • block charts
  • pie charts
  • star charts.

These types of charts graphically display values of a variable or a statistic associated with those values. The charted variable can be numeric or character.

PROC CHART is a useful tool to visualize data quickly, but if you need to produce presentation-quality graphics that include color and various fonts, you can use SAS/GRAPH software. The GCHART procedure in SAS/GRAPH produces the same types of charts as PROC CHART does, as well as donut charts. In addition, you can create PROC GCHART output using the SAS/GRAPH Control for ActiveX, which enables you to embed interactive graphs in web pages and OLE documents.

As you'll see, the syntax for PROC CHART and PROC GCHART is very similar. This task shows you both ways of creating various types of charts.

More Information You must have SAS/GRAPH licensed to create charts using PROC GCHART.

Creating charts

Point-and-Click Method

If you have SAS/GRAPH licensed, you can create presentation-quality charts using a point-and-click interface.

  1. In SAS, click Solutionsthen Reportingthen Graph-N-Go.
  2. Click the New SAS Data Set or New MDDB icon and select data for the chart.
  3. Click the icon for the desired chart type and drop it on the workspace. Then double-click the chart object, select your data source as the data model, and specify columns, statistics, and chart options.

You can view and save the PROC GCHART code that Graph-N-Go generates.

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