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SAS® 9.2 Provides New Product-Specific Release Numbers

Beginning with SAS 9.2, each unique SAS product is assigned a product release number. This number is updated when new releases of SAS software are installed or maintenance is applied. Within a general release level (such as SAS 9.2 TS2M0), many of the individual SAS products included in a deployment can be updated independently without the need to ship the entire SAS platform release. Be aware that different SAS 9.2 (TS2M0) deployments can have different release versions of the same SAS products.

For example, your SAS 9.2 (TS2M0) installation might include Base SAS® 9.21, SAS/STAT® 9.21, SAS® Management Console 9.2, and SAS® Risk Dimensions 5.2. The release numbers "9.21", "9.2", and "5.2" are unique to the individual SAS products. If maintenance becomes available for SAS/STAT software, the product release number will increment to 9.21_M1. Or if a new release becomes available, the SAS/STAT product release number will increment to 9.22.

The new product-specific release number system facilitates an evolution in integration between SAS components and a streamlined technical support experience.

Knowing the specific versions of the SAS products on a system is critical when you are reviewing the status of your SAS deployment, planning upgrades, applying hot fixes*, or contacting SAS Technical Support. Tools are available to help you identify the versions of the software in your SAS deployment (explained below). Note that a single SAS deployment might span more than one machine. You might also have more than one deployment (and version) of SAS software on a single machine (or set of machines) by setting up more than one SASHOME.

The new SAS utility, ViewRegistry, prints a report that lists the release values for all SAS software that is installed at the specified SASHOME location on a logical or physical machine. See SAS Note 35968: "Finding out what product releases and hot fixes are installed on your system" for details about this utility. There are several options available for identifying the product release number for any specific SAS product.

Before contacting SAS Technical Support or downloading SAS hot fixes, please determine the release values of the products in your SAS deployment.