SAS® 9.3 Support for Java Runtime Environments

This page describes the minimum version requirements of Java Runtime Environments (JRE) for use with SAS 9.3. Updated versions of the third-party software are supported as described in SAS® Third-Party Software Requirements - Baseline and Higher Support. It is possible that changes will be made to a JRE that cause it to be incompatible with SAS® software. These issues, the specific JRE update levels affected and workarounds, when available, will be noted in the table below.

Java Runtime Environments for SAS® 9.3 Foundation and SAS Client Applications

SAS 9.3 Foundation and some SAS 9.3 client applications require the use of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). These JREs are provided by Sun Microsystems, IBM, Oracle, and Hewlett-Packard. The following table lists the JRE versions that are recommended for use with SAS 9.3 and that are installed by the SAS® Deployment Wizard, depending on the platform where the installation is occurring. You can also obtain the JRE directly from the vendors that are listed in the table.

Be sure to read "Configuring SAS 9.3 to Use an Alternative Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit" if you intend to use an alternative JRE or JDK after you have installed and configured SAS 9.3.

Note regarding the support of Java SE 7: SAS will continue to use and support a Java 7 JRE for SAS 9.3 deployments; therefore, third party components required by the SAS environment, including the SAS middle tier, must remain at Java 7. Updates for critical security issues associated with the Java 7 JRE will be provided in accordance with our technical support and security policies. See SAS® Third-Party Software Requirements - Java 7 Updates for details. Updates to the JRE are available from the Downloads application. The current release and any previous releases of Java 7 available from SAS are documented in SAS Note 56203.

Additional Notes: