SAS® 9.3 Support for Web Application Servers and HTTP Servers

The following pages provide minimum version requirements of Web application servers and HTTP servers for use with SAS 9.3.

Software Version Requirements

Application Server Documentation That Is Specific to SAS

Note: Before you run the SAS® Deployment Wizard to install SAS software and to configure your Web application server, review the documentation for your server that is specific to SAS.

It is possible to use updated versions of the third-party software listed. See SAS Third-Party Software Requirements - Baseline and Higher Support for more details.

To upgrade versions of any required third-party products during SAS 9.3 configuration, see the instructions in Upgrading Web Application Servers That Are Used With the SAS® 9.3 Middle-Tier Configuration.   Last Updated: April 29, 2013

Web (HTTP) Servers

Web (HTTP) servers are frequently configured for use as proxy servers that support load balancing and firewall configurations in front of the Web application servers that host the SAS Web applications. HTTP servers can also be used to serve static content that is associated with Java web applications. Refer to your selected Web application server vendor's configuration requirements for a list of HTTP servers that are supported for use in this manner.

SASŪ Data Surveyor for Clickstream Data Mid-Tier requires the installation of Apache HTTP Server. Apache HTTP Server requirements for use with SAS Data Surveyor for Clickstream Data Mid-tier can be found in the install center.