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About Jane Oppenlander

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Jane Oppenlander is a professor at Clarkson University where she teaches statistics for the School of Business and the Clarkson University-Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Bioethics Program. She has over 30 years of experience applying statistics and operations research in the energy industry. Jane is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. In addition, she has consulted and published in the fields of transportation engineering, critical care medicine, educational assessment, and nursing. Her current research interests include statistics education, adult learning, evidence-based nursing practice, and empirical bioethics. A long-time JMP and SAS user, she received her Ph.D. in Administrative and Engineering Systems from Union College and an M.S. in statistics, B.A. in mathematics, and a B.S. in education, all from the University of Vermont.
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Data Management and Analysis Using JMP(R): Health Care Case Studies book cover
Data Management and Analysis Using JMP: Health Care Case Studies
By Jane Oppenlander and Patricia Schaffer
Anticipated publication date: Fourth quarter 2017

Data Management and Analysis Using JMP: Health Care Case Studies is designed for beginner and intermediate JMP users, who are working or studying in the health care field. The book takes a holistic, step-by-step approach to analyzing real-world health care data. The cases begin by illustrating techniques to prepare data for analysis, followed by effective methods to summarize, visualize, and analyze data. The statistical analysis methods covered are the foundational techniques commonly applied to meet regulatory, operational, budgeting, and research needs in the healthcare industry.

The book bridges the gap between the traditional first statistics course preparation and the successful application of statistical analysis in the workplace. It shows practitioners how to solve real-world problems by example using an approach that covers problem definition, data management, a framework for selecting the appropriate analysis methods, step-by-step JMP instructions, and how to interpret statistical results in context. Practical strategies for selecting appropriate statistical methods, remediating data anomalies, and interpreting statistical results in the domain context are emphasized.

The cases make use of multiple statistical methods, as is often required in real-life applications. A progression of methods from univariate to multivariate is employed illustrating a logical approach to problem solving. Much of the data used in these cases is open-source, drawn from a variety of healthcare settings. This book will serve as a useful guide for working professionals along with students studying statistics in health care related fields.

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JMP Means Business: Statistical Models for Management book cover

JMP Means Business: Statistical Models for Management

By Josef Schmee and Jane Oppenlander
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