Data Management and Analysis Using JMP®: Health Care Case Studies

"Good, usable case studies for statistics courses are hard to find. This book has an excellent set of cases for use in statistics courses specifically designed for health care professionals. However, even courses outside of health care could benefit from the cases. Giving any applied statistics students, whether it is business, economics, political science, or health care, the problem that needs to be solved and the tools to solve it is such a valuable experience. This book exposes students to all the challenges that come with using data to solve real life problems. The structure of the cases develops students’ ability to think statistically rather than just getting them to do an appropriate analysis.

Even though the book assumes students have had a basic statistics course the cases walk students through the process so thoroughly that even beginning students can benefit. As an instructor I love the fact that the cases are complete and come with problems that could be assigned as homework. It is almost effortless to incorporate the cases into classes. This book would be a great addition to any intermediate statistics course, but especially a course in the health care field."

Mary Ann Shifflet
Economics and Marketing Department
Romain College of Business
University of Southern Indiana





"This book is a collection of statistical health care case studies. Anyone interested in understanding how data can be used to improve health care delivery and operations will find this book, in combination with JMP statistical software, an excellent resource."

Dean Poeth, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Clarkson University




Data Management and Analysis using JMP: Healthcare Case Studies takes an otherwise dry subject, statistical methods, and introduces real world experiences through the use of case studies. The reader is guided through a stepwise application of statistical methods and demonstrates the power of analytics to address some of the most pressing public policy issues. The authors wisely point out that the real world is “messy”, but good practice and disciplined methods can provide useful insights where often a lack of order exists.

Since healthcare impacts all of our citizens, it is critically important that policy analysts examine issues in a systematic and practical manner. This book is a must read for people involved in the analysis of complex healthcare policy challenges.

Tom Donovan
former CIO of NYS Department of Health