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Base SAS® Output Delivery System (ODS) Graphics Suite

New! Most of the SAS 9.4 documents below have moved to When you open them, you can use the Search feature to search all documents in the table of contents. You can also download documents in PDF or ePUB format. See SAS Help Center Features for more details.

Accessibility Documentation

Getting Started with SAS ODS Graphics

SAS ODS Graphics Designer

SAS ODS Graphics Editor

SAS ODS Graphics Procedures

SAS Graph Template Language

SAS ODS Graphics Tip Sheets

Related Documentation

Examples and Resources on the Web

  • For information about using ODS Graphics for data visualization in SAS, see Sanjay Matange’s blog Graphically Speaking. Sanjay’s blog covers topics related to the ODS Graphics procedures, the SAS Graph Template Language, and the SAS ODS Graphics Designer.
  • For a simple interface to business and analytical graph examples, see the Focus Area Graphics site. The site is maintained by the SAS Data Visualization team.
  • For a collection of graphs organized by SAS procedure, see the Graphics Samples Output Gallery. Each graph in this gallery links to the source code in SAS Samples & Notes. The gallery is maintained by SAS Technical Support.
  • For a searchable collection of examples, see Samples & SAS Notes. You can browse by topic, search for a particular note, search for a particular technology such as SGPLOT, and conduct other searches.
  • For support and to share your experiences and questions regarding SAS/GRAPH and ODS Graphics, see the SAS Community SAS/GRAPH and ODS Graphics.
  • SAS 9.3 Graph Template Language: Reference, Third Edition  PDF |  HTML
  • SAS 9.3 Graph Template Language: User's Guide  PDF |  HTML  |  Buy
  • SAS 9.3 ODS Graphics: Procedures Guide, Third Edition  PDF |  HTML  |  Buy
  • SAS 9.3 ODS Graphics: Getting Started with Business and Statistical Graphics  PDF  |  HTML
  • SAS 9.3 ODS Graphics Designer: User's Guide  PDF  |  HTML
  • SAS 9.3 ODS Graphics Editor: User's Guide  PDF  |  HTML

The documentation for ODS Graphics was moved from SAS/GRAPH to Base SAS in SAS 9.3. For the ODS Graphics documentation for SAS 9.2, see SAS/GRAPH.