The QUANTLIFE Procedure

BASELINE Statement

  • BASELINE <OUT=SAS-data-set> <COVARIATES=SAS-data-set> ;

The BASELINE statement creates an output data set to contain the survival function estimates or the conditional quantile function estimates for every set of covariates ($\mb{x}$) in the COVARIATES= data set. If the COVARIATES= data set is not specified, PROC QUANTLIFE uses a reference set of covariates that consists of the reference levels for the CLASS variables and the average values for the continuous variables.

You can specify the following options:


names the SAS-data-set that contains the sets of explanatory variable values for which the quantities of interest are estimated. All variables in the COVARIATES= data set are copied to the OUT= data set. Thus, the variables in the COVARIATES= data set can be used to identify the covariate sets in the OUT= data set.


specifies an output SAS-data-set that contains the estimated survival function and the estimated quantile function. If you omit the OUT= option, the data set is created and given a default name by using the DATAn convention. For more information, see the section OUT= Output Data Set in the BASELINE Statement.