The TRANSREG Procedure

OUTTEST= Output Data Set

The OUTTEST= data set contains hypothesis test results. The OUTTEST= data set always contains ANOVA results. When you specify the SS2 a-option, regression tables are also output. When you specify the UTILITIES a-option, conjoint analysis part-worth utilities are also output. The OUTTEST= data set has the following variables:


is a 42-character variable that contains the dependent variable transformation and name.


is an 8-character variable that contains the table type. The first character is U for univariate or M for multivariate. The second character is blank. The third character is A for ANOVA, 2 for Type II sum of squares, or U for UTILITIES. The fourth character is blank. The fifth character is L for liberal tests, C for conservative tests, or U for the usual tests.


is an 80-character variable that contains the table title.


is a 42-character variable that contains the independent variable transformations and names for regression tables and blanks for ANOVA tables.


contains the multiple regression coefficients for regression tables and underscore special missing values for ANOVA tables.


is a 24-character variable that contains the names for statistics in other variables, such as Value.


contains multivariate test statistics and all other information that does not fit in one of the other columns including R square, dependent mean, adjusted R square, and coefficient of variation. Whenever Value is not an underscore special missing value, the Statistic variable describes the contents of the Value variable.


contains numerator degrees of freedom for F tests.


contains denominator degrees of freedom for F tests.


contains sums of squares.


contains mean squares.


contains F statistics.


contains the p-value for the F statistic, stored in a numeric variable.


is a 9-character variable that contains the formatted p-value for the F statistic, including the appropriate $\sim $, <=, >=, or blank symbols.


contains lower confidence limits on the parameter estimates.


contains upper confidence limits on the parameter estimates.


contains standard errors. For SS2 and UTILITIES tables, standard errors are output for each coefficient with one degree of freedom.


contains the relative importance of each factor for UTILITIES tables.


is a 256-character variable that contains variable labels.

There are several possible tables in the OUTTEST= data set corresponding to combinations of univariate and multivariate tests; ANOVA and regression results; and liberal, conservative, and the usual tests. Each table is composed of only a subset of the variables. Numeric variables contain underscore special missing values when they are not a column in a table. Ordinary missing values (.) appear in variables that are part of a table when a nonmissing value cannot be produced. For example, the F is missing for a test with zero degrees of freedom.