The TRANSREG Procedure

Passive Observations

Observations can be excluded from the analysis for several reasons; these include zero weight; zero frequency; missing values in variables designated IDENTITY, CLASS, POINT, EPOINT, QPOINT, SMOOTH, PBSPLINE, PSPLINE, or BSPLINE; and missing values with the NOMISS a-option specified. These observations are passive in that they do not contribute to determining transformations, R square, sums of squares, degrees of freedom, and so on. However, some information can be computed for them. For example, if no independent variable values are missing, predicted values and redundancy variable values can both be computed. Residuals can be computed for observations with a nonmissing dependent and nonmissing predicted value. Canonical variables for dependent variables can be computed when no dependent variables are missing; canonical variables for independent variables can be computed when no independent variables are missing, and so on. Passive observations in the OUT= data set have a blank value for _TYPE_.