FONTREG Procedure

Example 3: Replacing Existing TrueType Font Files from a Directory

MODE= option
TRUETYPE statement


This example reads all the TrueType fonts in the specified directory and replaces the ones that already exist in the SAS registry.


proc fontreg mode=replace;
truetype 'your-font-directory';

Program Description

Replace existing fonts only. The MODE=REPLACE option limits the action of the procedure to replacing fonts that are already defined in the SAS registry. New fonts will not be added.
proc fontreg mode=replace;
Specify a directory that contains TrueType font files. Files in the directory that are not recognized as being TrueType font files are ignored.
truetype 'your-font-directory';

Output: Log

Log Output from Replacing Existing TrueType Font Files from a Directory
  Files processed: 49
  Unusable files: 3
  Files identified as fonts: 46
  Fonts that were processed: 40
  Fonts replaced in the SAS registry: 40
  Fonts added to the SAS registry: 0
  Fonts that could not be used: 0
  Font Families removed from SAS registry: 0