FONTREG Procedure

Example 2: Adding All Font Files from Multiple Directories

MSGLEVEL= option
FONTPATH statement


This example shows how to add all valid font files from two different directories and how to write detailed information to the SAS log.


proc fontreg msglevel=verbose;
fontpath 'your-font-directory-1' 'your-font-directory-2';

Program Description

Write complete details to the SAS log. The MSGLEVEL=VERBOSE option writes complete details about what fonts were added, what fonts were not added, and what font files were not understood.
proc fontreg msglevel=verbose;
Specify the directories to search for valid fonts. You can specify more than one directory in the FONTPATH statement. Each directory must be enclosed in quotation marks. If you specify more than one directory, then you must separate the directories with a space.
fontpath 'your-font-directory-1' 'your-font-directory-2';

Output: Log

Log Output from Adding All Font Files from Multiple Directories

1    proc fontreg msglevel=verbose;
2    fontpath 'your-font-directory-1'
3              'your-font-directory-2';
4    run;

ERROR: FreeType base module FT_New_Face -- unknown file format.
ERROR: A problem was encountered with file      

. . .  more log entries . . .

WARNING: The "Sasfont" font in file
         "your-font-directory-2\SAS1252.FON" is non-scalable.         Only scalable fonts are supported.

. . .  more log entries . . .

NOTE: The font "Albertus Medium" (Style: Regular, Weight: Normal) has been
      added to the SAS Registry at
      [CORE\PRINTING\FREETYPE\FONTS\<ttf>Albertus Medium]. Because it is a TRUETYPE
      font, it can be referenced as "Albertus Medium" or "<ttf>Albertus Medium" in
      SAS. The font resides in file     

. . .  more log entries . . .

WARNING: The font "Georgia" (Style: Regular, Weight: Normal) will not be added
because it already exists in the "<ttf>Georgia" font family of the SAS Registry.

. . .  more log entries . . .

  Files processed: 138
  Unusable files: 3
  Files identified as fonts: 135
  Fonts that were processed: 135
  Fonts replaced in the SAS registry: 0
  Fonts added to the SAS registry: 91
  Fonts that could not be used: 44
  Font Families removed from SAS registry: 0

NOTE: PROCEDURE FONTREG used (Total process time):
      real time           27.81 seconds
      cpu time            1.18 seconds