FONTREG Procedure

Overview: FONTREG Procedure

The FONTREG procedure enables you to update the SAS registry to include system fonts, which can then be used in SAS output. PROC FONTREG uses FreeType font-rendering to recognize and incorporate various types of font definitions. Fonts of any type that can be incorporated and used by SAS are known collectively in this documentation as fonts in the FreeType library.
Note: Including a system font in the SAS registry means that SAS knows where to find the font file. The font file is not actually used until the font is called for in a SAS program. Therefore, do not move or delete font files after you have included the fonts in the SAS registry.
For more information, see the following sources:
  • “Font and Font Rendering” in SAS/GRAPH: Reference
  • GDEVICE Procedure in SAS/GRAPH: Reference
  • the FONTSLOC and SYSPRINTFONT system options in SAS System Options: Reference
  • for information about the FreeType project