FONTREG Procedure

FONTPATH Statement

Specifies one or more directories to be searched for valid font files to process.
See: Adding All Font Files from Multiple Directories


FONTPATH 'directory' <…'directory'>;

Required Argument

specifies a directory to search. All files that are recognized as valid font files are processed. Each directory must be enclosed in quotation marks. If you specify more than one directory, then you must separate the directories with a space.
Operating Environment Information: In the Windows operating environment only, you can locate the fonts folder if you do not know where the folder resides. In addition, you can register system fonts without having to know where the fonts are located. To find this information, submit the following program:
proc fontreg;
    fontpath "%sysget(systemroot)\fonts"; 
The %SYSGET macro retrieves the value of the Windowing environment variable SYSTEMROOT, and resolves to the location of your system directory. The fonts subdirectory is located one level below the system directory.