FONTREG Procedure

Interaction: If no statements are specified, then PROC FONTREG searches for TrueType font files in the directory that is indicated in the FONTSLOC= SAS system option.
Note: For z/OS sites that do not use the hierarchical file system (HFS), only the FONTFILE statement is supported. For more information, see “FONTREG Procedure” in SAS Companion for z/OS
Tip: If you specify more than one statement, then the statements are executed in the order in which they appear, except for REMOVE statements, which are always executed first. You can use the same statement more than once in a single PROC FONTREG step.
See: FONTREG Procedure in SAS Companion for z/OS


PROC FONTREG <option(s)>;
FONTFILE 'file' <…'file'> || 'file-1, pfm-file-1, afm-file-1' <...'file-n'>;
FONTPATH 'directory' <…'directory'>;
REMOVE 'family-name' | 'alias' | family-type | _ALL_;
TRUETYPE 'directory' <…'directory'>;
TYPE1 'directory' <…'directory'>;

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task
PROC FONTREG Statement Specify how to handle new and existing fonts
FONTFILE Statement Identify which font files to process
FONTPATH Statement Search directories to identify valid font files to process. (In the Windows operating environment only, locate the fonts folder if you don't know where the folder is located.)
REMOVE Statement Remove a font family, all fonts of a particular type, or all fonts from the Core\Printing\Freetype\Fonts location of the SAS registry
TRUETYPE Statement Search directories to identify TrueType font files
TYPE1 Statement Search directories to identify valid Type 1 font files