FORMAT Procedure

Restriction: You cannot use a SELECT statement and an EXCLUDE statement within the same PROC FORMAT step.
Tip: You can also use appropriate global statements with this procedure. See Global Statements for a list.
See: FORMAT Procedure: z/OS in SAS Companion for z/OS


PROC FORMAT <option(s)>;
EXCLUDE entry(s);
INVALUE <$>name <(informat-option(s))>
PICTURE name <(format-option(s))>
<value-range-set-1 <(picture-1-option(s))>>
<...value-range-set-n <(picture-n-option(s))>>;
SELECT entry(s);
VALUE <$>name <(format-option(s))>

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task Example
PROC FORMAT Statement Define formats and informats for variables Ex. 2, Ex. 6, Ex. 7, Ex. 8
EXCLUDE Statement Exclude catalog entries from processing by the FMTLIB and CNTLOUT= options  
INVALUE Statement Create an informat for reading and converting raw data values Ex. 5
PICTURE Statement Create a template for printing numbers Ex. 2, Ex. 10, Ex. 11
SELECT Statement Select catalog entries for processing by the FMTLIB and CNTLOUT= options Ex. 7
VALUE Statement Create a format that specifies character strings to use to print variable values Ex. 3, Ex. 4, Ex. 9