TEMPLATE Procedure: Creating a Style Template

PARENT= Statement

Specifies the style from which the current style inherits.
Restriction: The PARENT= statement must be used within a DEFINE STYLE template block.



Required Argument

specifies the style to inherit from.
style-path consists of one or more names, separated by periods. Each name represents a directory in a template store. The current style inherits from the specified style in the first readable template store in the current path.
When you specify a parent, all of the style elements, style attributes, and statements that are specified in the parent's style template are used in the current style template unless the current style template overrides them.
SAS provides some styles. You can specify one of these styles for style-path, or you can specify a user-defined style. These are some of the styles that are currently shipped with SAS:
  • Styles.Default
  • Styles.Journal
  • Styles.Grayscaleprinter
  • Styles.Banker
  • Styles.Minimal
  • Styles.Printer
  • Styles.Statdoc
For information about finding an up-to-date list of the styles and for viewing a style, see Viewing the Contents of a Style.
Restriction:If the PARENT= statement is specified, then PARENT= must refer to a style other than Base.Template.Style.