TEMPLATE Procedure: Creating a Style Template

Style Attributes Overview

Style attributes influence the characteristics of individual cells, tables, documents, graphs, and HTML frames. Style attributes exist within style elements and are specified by the STYLE statement or the CLASS statement . The default value for an attribute depends on the style that is in use. For information about styles, style elements, and style attributes, see Understanding Styles, Style Elements, and Style Attributes. For information about using style attributes with ODS Statistical Graphics, see the chapter on controlling the appearance of your graphics in SAS Graph Template Language: User's Guide.
Style attributes can be supplied by SAS or user-defined. Style attributes can be referenced with a style reference. See Understanding Style References and style-reference for more information.
The implementation of an attribute depends on the ODS destination that formats the output. When creating HTML output, the implementation of an attribute depends on the browser that is used. For information about viewing the attributes in a style, see Viewing the Contents of a Style.
For a list of the values that style attributes can specify, see Style Attribute Values. For a list of style elements that you can specify style attributes in, see ODS Style Elements.

See Also

For a table of style elements that can be used with style attributes, see ODS Style Elements.
For more information about using style attributes and style elements together, see Understanding Style References .
For information about style attribute values, see Style Attribute Values.