The DOCUMENT Procedure


PROC DOCUMENT <options>;
COPY path<(where-expression)> <, path-2<(where-expression-2)>>
<, ...path-n<(where-expression-n)>> TO path </ option(s)>;
DELETE path<(where-expression)> <, path-2<(where-expression-2)>>
<, ...path-n<(where-expression-n)>> < / LEVELS= ALL | value>;
DIR <path>;
DOC <options>;
HIDE path <, path-2, ...path-n>;
IMPORT DATA= data-set-name | GRSEG=grseg TO path </options>;
LINK path TO path </ options >;
LIST path<(where-expression)> <, path-2<(where-expression-2)>>
<, ...path-n<(where-expression-n)>> </option(s)>;
MAKE path <, path-2, ...path-n> </ options>;
MOVE path<(where-expression)> <, path-2<(where-expression-2)>>
<, ...path-n<(where-expression-n)>> TO path </ option(s) >;
NOTE path <'text'> </ option(s)>;
OBANOTE<n> output-object <'text'> </option>;
OBBNOTE<n> output-object <'text'> </ option>;
OBFOOTN<n> output-object <'text'>;
OBPAGE output-object </ option(s)>;
OBSTITLE<n> output-object <'text'> </ options>;
OBTEMPL output-object;
OBTITLE<n> output-object <'text'>;
RENAME path-1 TO path-2;
REPLAY path<(where-expression)> <, path-2<(where-expression-2)>>
<, ...path-n<(where-expression-n)>> </ options>;
SETLABEL path 'label';
UNHIDE path <, path-2, ...path-n>;

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task Example
PROC DOCUMENT Statement Render ODS output without rerunning procedures and gain more control over the structure and hierarchy of the output Ex. 4, Ex. 5, Ex. 6
COPY TO Statement Insert a copy of an entry into a specified path  
DELETE Statement Delete entries from a specified path or paths  
DIR Statement Set or display the current directory Ex. 3, Ex. 4, Ex. 5
DOC Statement Open a document and its contents to browse or edit Ex. 3
DOC CLOSE Statement Close the current document  
HIDE Statement Prevent output from being displayed when the document is replayed  
IMPORT TO Statement Import a data set or graph segment into the current directory Ex. 7
LINK Statement Create a symbolic link from one output object to another output object  
LIST Statement List the content of one or more entries Ex. 3, Ex. 4, Ex. 5, Ex. 6
MAKE Statement Create one or more new directories  
MOVE TO Statement Move entries from one directory to another directory  
NOTE Statement Create text strings in the current directory Ex. 5
OBANOTE Statement Create or modify lines of text after the specified output object Ex. 5
OBBNOTE Statement Create or modify lines of text before the specified output object Ex. 5
OBFOOTN Statement Create or modify lines of text at the bottom of the page in which the output object is displayed Ex. 5
OBPAGE Statement Create or delete a page break for an output object Ex. 5
OBSTITLE Statement Create or modify subtitles Ex. 5
OBTEMPL Statement Write the source code of the ODS template that is associated with a specified output object Ex. 6
OBTITLE Statement Create or modify lines of text at the top of the page where the output object is displayed Ex. 5
RENAME TO Statement Assign a different name to a directory or output object  
REPLAY Statement Replay one or more entries to the specified open ODS destinations Ex. 4, Ex. 5
SETLABEL Statement Assign a label to the current entry  
UNHIDE Statement Enable the output of a hidden entry to be displayed when it is replayed