ODSSTYLE= System Option

Specifies the default style to use.
Valid in: Configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS Statement, Systems Options window
Category: ODS Printing
Operating environment: UNIX, Windows


ODSSTYLE= style-name | AUTO

Syntax Description

specifies the default style for ODS HTML destinations. For SAS 9.3, HTMLBlue is the default style used for HTML output in the SAS Windowing environment for UNIX and Microsoft Windows.
Note: By default, ODS displays the procedure or DATA step results in a style. The TEMPLATE procedure creates and modifies styles. The Output Delivery System uses these styles to produce customized formatted output.
See:For a list of styles that are included with the SAS product, see Styles That Are Shipped with SAS Software.

To create your own styles or to modify styles, see Overview: ODS Style Templates.

specifies that the SAS registry setting determine the default style setting. In SAS 9.3, HTMLBlue is the default style for the SAS Windowing environment on UNIX and Microsoft Windows.
In HTML, the style impacts TABULAR and GRAPHICS output.


The ODSSTYLE= option can be specified at any time during the SAS session.


The following example shows how to change the HTML style that is output in the Display Manager from the default style to the Banker style.
options odsstyle=banker;
ods html close;
ods html;