ODSGRAPHICS= System Option

Controls ODS Graphics processing.
Valid in: Configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: ODS Printing
Restriction: ODSGRAPHICS= can be configured only at SAS startup. Subsequent to startup, use the corresponding ODS statements.
Operating environment: UNIX, Windows



Syntax Description

enables ODS Graphics processing by default.
disables ODS graphics processing.
specifies that the SAS registry setting determines the default destination setting.
Note: In SAS 9.3, ODS Graphics is enabled in the SAS Windowing environment for Microsoft Windows and UNIX, but not for other operating systems and not in batch mode. When you run SAS in batch mode or on other operating systems, ODS Graphics is not enabled by default, the LISTING destination is open and is the default, and the default style for HTML output is Styles.Default.


In SAS 9.3, ODS Graphics is enabled by default in the SAS Windowing environment for UNIX and Microsoft Windows. When ODS graphics processing is enabled, the graphs are integrated with tables and all output is displayed in the same HTML file using the HTMLBlue style. This new style is an all-color style, which is designed to integrate tables and modern statistical graphics.
In SAS 9.3, when you run large computational programs, you might not want to create graphs. In those cases, you should disable ODS Graphics to improve the performance of your program. You can enable and disable ODS Graphics in your SAS programs with the ODS GRAPHICS OFF and ODS GRAPHICS ON statements. You can also change the ODS Graphics default in the Results tab.
Prior to SAS 9.3, ODS Graphics was disabled by default. For more information about change the SAS 9.3 default behavior, see New Output Defaults in SAS 9.3.


In the following example, ODS Graphics is disabled, the ODS default destination is LISTING, and the style used is the default style as specified in the SAS Registry. In the SAS 9.3 SAS Windowing environment on UNIX and Microsoft Windows, ODS Graphics is enabled, HTML is the default output destination, and the default style is HTMLBlue.
options odsgraphics=off odsdest=listing odsstyle=default;