GBARLINE Procedure

Plot Variable Values Out of Range

Exclude data values from a plot overlay by restricting the range of axis values with the RAXIS= options or with the ORDER= option in an AXIS statement. When an observation contains a value outside of the specified axis range, the GBARLINE procedure excludes the observation from the plot and issues a message to the log.
If you specify interpolation with a SYMBOL definition, then the values outside the axis range are excluded from interpolation calculations by default. As a result, this can change interpolated values for the plot overlay.
To specify that values outside of the axis range are included in the interpolation calculations, use the MODE= option in a SYMBOL statement. When MODE=INCLUDE, values that fall outside of the axis range are included in interpolation calculations but are excluded from the plot. The default (MODE=EXCLUDE) omits observations that are outside of the axis range from interpolation calculations. See the SYMBOL Statement for details.