GBARLINE Procedure

About Response Variables

Response variables can be specified for either the bar chart or any line plot with the SUMVAR= option.
For example:
  BAR age  / DISCRETE SUMVAR=weight;  PLOT / SUMVAR=height;
When you specify a response variable, the only statistics available are SUM or MEAN. SUM is the default. To change the statistic, you specify the TYPE= option. For example, TYPE=MEAN.
If you do not specify a response variable, a summary statistic for the chart variable is computed. By default it is FREQ (frequency). You can use the TYPE= option to indicate another statistic: PERCENT, CFREQ (cumulative frequency) or CPERCENT (cumulative percent).
For more information about these statistics, see About Chart Statistics. See also the PLOT statement option descriptions of SUMVAR=plot-variable and TYPE=statistic.