APPSRV Procedure

PROGLIBS Statement

Declares which libraries, catalogs, and filerefs contain programs that can be run on an Application Server


Required Arguments

specifies a library that contains one or more catalogs that contain programs that can be run by the Application Server. Programs must be SCL, SOURCE, or MACRO catalog entries.
specifies a catalog that contains SCL, SOURCE, and MACRO programs that can be run by the Application Server. If a libref is listed as a data library and a program library, then the library is both globally available and can contain programs. If you want to enable programs from one catalog in a specified library to be executed without enabling everything in the library to be executed, then list just that catalog in a two-level name like this:
Listing both the library and a specific catalog within that library is redundant. For example:
enables all programs in MYLIB to run.
specifies a fileref that corresponds to a host directory or a PDS that contains SAS programs that can be executed by the Application Server.

Optional Argument

...libref-n | libref-n.catalog-n | fileref-n
specifies that you can list multiple librefs, catalogs, and filerefs for this statement.


When a request is received by the Application Server, the PROGLIBS list is scanned for a match on the first one or two levels in the program name that is supplied in the special request variable _PROGRAM. If a match is found, then the program is executed.