APPSRV Procedure


Defines a file that the Application Server assigns


Required Arguments

associates a SAS fileref with an external file or directory. You can use any SAS name when you are assigning a new fileref. You can list SAS filerefs that are defined in the ALLOCATE FILE statement in a DATALIBS, PROGLIBS, or ADMINLIBS statement. SAS filerefs that are listed in a DATALIBS statement are available to all programs that are run by the Application Server.
Note that SAS filerefs that are defined outside PROC APPSRV by using FILENAME statements are not accessible by Application Server programs and cannot be listed in a DATALIBS, PROGLIBS, or ADMINLIBS statement.
specifies a directory or partitioned data set (PDS) that is the pathname for a SAS fileref that is used in a PROGLIBS or ADMINLIBS statement. A directory is assumed to contain SAS source code in individual .sas flat files. A PDS is assumed to contain SAS source code in individual members. You must enter the directory or path in one of the following forms, depending on which operating environment the SAS server is using:
Operating Environment
Example Directory or Path
z/OS (HFS directory)
z/OS (PDS)

Optional Arguments

specifies the type of device. Values include
DISK specifies that the device is a disk drive. When assigning a fileref to a file on a disk, you are not required to specify DISK.
TAPE specifies a tape drive.
DUMMY specifies a bit bucket or null device.
indicates host- and device-specific details, such as file attributes and processing attributes. For details about host and device options, seeSAS System Options: Reference and the SAS documentation for your operating environment.


The syntax of the ALLOCATE FILE statement is identical to that of the global FILENAME statement. The above syntax is simplified. For a complete listing of arguments and explanations, see the FILENAME statement.