APPSRV Procedure


Declares which libraries, filerefs, and catalogs contain programs that can be run by an administrator using the _ADMINPW password


Required Arguments

specifies a library that contains one or more catalogs that contain programs that can be run by the Application Server. Programs must be SCL, SOURCE, or MACRO catalog entries.
specifies a catalog that contains SCL, SOURCE, and MACRO programs that can be run by the Application Server. If a libref is listed as a data library and a program library, then the library is globally available and can contain programs. If you want to enable programs from one catalog in a given library to be run without enabling everything in the library to be run, then list just that catalog in a two-level name as in the following example:
Listing both the library and a specific catalog within that library is redundant. For example,
enables all programs in MYLIB to run.
specifies a host directory or PDS that contains SAS programs that can be run by the Application Server.

Optional Argument

...libref-n | libref-n.catalog-n | fileref-n
specifies that you can list multiple librefs, catalogs, and filerefs for this statement.


Libraries, filerefs, and catalogs listed here can be run on the Application Server only if a valid _ADMINPW value is passed in the request data and a password is specified.
Note: If a libref or fileref has been defined in both a PROGLIBS statement and an ADMINLIBS statement, then the ADMINPW is not required for programs in that libref or fileref. General users would have access to programs that might have been intended only for administrators.
See also the ADMINPW option of the PROC APPSRV statement.