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Sample 56520 - Display a table of data values with a graph[ View Code ]

image label

Sample 44025 - Panel of liver function test (LFT) shift from baseline to maximum by treatment[ View Code ]

image label

Sample 43086 - Create a grouped bar chart with PROC SGPANEL[ View Code ]

Group Bar Chart

Sample 39192 - Liver function test safety panel, baseline vs. study[ View Code ]

Liver function test safety panel

Sample 39144 - Subjects with eye irritation over time by severity and treatment[ View Code ]

Grouped Stacked Bar Chart

Sample 35167 - Sales figures for 1993 by product[ View Code ]

Panel of Bar Charts for Sales

Sample 35164 - Cholesterol by sex and age group[ View Code ]

Group Horizontal Box Plot

Sample 35049 - Risk panel graph[ View Code ]

Risk Panel Graph