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Foundation Services

Understanding Service Deployment Configuration

The following diagram shows the SAS Management Console Foundation Services Manager connected to a SAS Metadata Repository that contains a service deployment named Remote Services. The diagram also points to the service deployment group, services, and service registry defined within the Remote Services service deployment.

SMC Foundation Services Manager Screen

You can define a service deployment in a SAS Metadata Repository in one of the following ways:

  • use the Foundation Services Manager Plug-in of SAS Management Console to create a service deployment. For details, see Defining Service Deployments.

  • import an XML file containing the service deployment. If your application's service deployment configuration is contained in an XML file, you can import it into a SAS Metadata Repository. For details, see Importing Service Deployments

After you import or create a service deployment, you can do the following:

  • export the service deployment to an XML file. If an application does not have access to a SAS Metadata Repository in its runtime environment, you can export the service deployment configuration to an XML file that the application can access for service deployment configuration information. For details, see Exporting Service Deployments.

  • duplicate the service deployment. If you need to use a service deployment that is similar to an existing service deployment, you can duplicate an existing service deployment configuration. For details, see Duplicating Service Deployments

In addition, you might need to update the prototypes that define the foundation services. (To update prototypes, select the Foundation Services Manager and select Actions Update Prototypes). For further information about using the Foundation Services Manager to create service deployments, see the Foundation Services Manager Help.