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Stored Processes
Stored Processes

Stored Processes

A stored process is a SAS program that is stored centrally on a server. A client application can execute the program, supply input parameters, and can then receive and process the results. For details about creating a stored process and processing the results, refer to Stored Processes in the SAS Integration Technologies: Developer's Guide.

To make a stored process accessible to client applications, you can use BI Manager to create metadata that describes the stored process and its location. BI Manager provides a common interface for the administration of SAS BI objects, including stored processes. BI Manager enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • access metadata for BI objects, SAS Data Integration Studio objects, and relational data objects such as stored processes, jobs, and tables
  • register stored processes
  • schedule reports and manage report content
  • promote individual objects or groups of objects from one metadata repository to another
  • copy and paste a group of objects and folders into a target folder in the same metadata repository

BI Manager is available beginning with SAS Foundation Services 1.2. If you have not upgraded to this release, then you can use Stored Process Manager to register and manage stored processes. BI Manager replaces Stored Process Manager.

For more information about using BI Manager or Stored Process Manager, see the Help in SAS Management Console.