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Duplicating Service Deployments

The Foundation Services Manager plug-in of the SAS Management Console enables you to duplicate an existing service deployment under a new name. To duplicate a service deployment:

  1. Open SAS Management Console and connect to a metadata repository.
  2. In the navigation tree, click the plus next to Foundation Services Manager to expand the Foundation Services Manager view.
  3. Right-click a service deployment in the navigation tree and select Duplicate Service Deployment from the pop-up menu. The Duplicate Service Development window appears.
  4. The Name field contains the name of the service deployment you are duplicating. You must change this name to a unique deployment name. Enter a new Description if needed.
  5. Click OK to duplicate the service deployment. The new deployment appears in the navigation tree under the Foundation Services Manager.

The following SAS Management Console screen shot shows the Duplicate Foundation Services Deployment window:

Screen showing Duplicate Window