SUGI 31 Proceedings

San Francisco, California
March 26-29, 2006
Kimberly J. LeBouton, Conference Chair

Table of Contents

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Paper Sections
Applications Development Coders' Corner Data Mining and Predictive Modeling
Data Presentation Data Warehousing, Management and Quality Focus Sessions
Hands-on Workshops Planning, Development and Support Posters
Statistics and Data Analysis Systems Architecture Tutorials

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Applications Development

Paper 001-31: Dan Jahn
    Service-Oriented Architectures – Going from Buzz to Business

Paper 002-31: Steve Holzworth, Clarke Thacher
    Achieving High Availability for the SASŪ9 Metadata Server

Paper 003-31: John W. Davison
    SASŪ by Design – A Disciplined Approach

Paper 004-31: Jeff Wright
    Drawkcab Gnimmargorp: Test-Driven Development with FUTS

Paper 005-31: Paul Smeekens, Erwin van Dongen
    Making Your Own Balanced Scorecard Using the SASŪ Information Delivery Portal

Paper 006-31: Kevin Graham
    Modular Programming using SAS/AFŪ and SASŪ SCL

Paper 007-31: Manolo Figallo-Monge
    Using Design Patterns to Integrate SAS/IntrNetŪ with Web Technologies

Paper 008-31: Lynn Curley
    SAS/AFŪ Software Rises Again – Enhancements in SASŪ 9.2

Paper 009-31: Larry Altmayer
    Everyone Trying to Update at the Same Time? Let's Try the Source Control Manager! (SAS/AFŪ Development Tool)

Paper 010-31: Phil Rhodes
    Hiding the Complexity: A Customized Application for Accessing Multidimensional Data

Paper 011-31: David G. Shannon
    Rich, Handsome, & Successful: The Power of SASŪ for Scientists & Statisticians in Research

Paper 012-31: Peter Crawford
    List Processing - Make Light Work of List Processing in SASŪ

Paper 013-31: Robert Jackson, Stephanie R. Thompson
    Security and Cost Considerations When Using Middleware to Facilitate SASŪ Integration

Paper 014-31: Tim P. Williams
    Version Control on the Cheap. A User-Friendly, Cost-Effective Revision Control System for SASŪ

Paper 015-31: Dianne Louise Rhodes
    Pretty Dates All in a Row

Paper 016-31: Jonathan E. Polito
    SASŪ Web Analytics 5.2 – What's New?

Paper 017-31: Jerry J. Hosking
    Web-Site Analytics – A Land Mine or a Gold Mine?

Paper 018-31: Albert Mo
    Developing, Managing, and Evaluating a Standard Macro System

Paper 019-31: Larry Hoyle
    Reading Microsoft Word XML Files with SASŪ

Paper 020-31: Edward Heaton
    So, Your Data are in Excel!

Paper 021-31: Stanislaw Furdal
    Batch Job to Create and Send Mass Excel Reports Using REXX, SASŪ, HTML(XML), and E-mail

Paper 022-31: LeRoy Bessler
    SASŪ with Excel Application Development: Tools and Techniques

Paper 023-31: Teresia L. Arthur, Mary Jafri
    Web-Enable Your SASŪ Applications

Coders' Corner

Paper 024-31: Paul A. Choate, Carol A. Martell
    De-Mystifying the SASŪ LIBNAME Engine in Microsoft Excel: A Practical Guide

Paper 025-31: Suzanne M. Humphreys
    MISSING! – Understanding and Making the Most of Missing Data

Paper 026-31: Stanley E. Fogleman
    Literally Minded – The Use of SASŪ Literals and Why They Are Still Relevant!

Paper 027-31: Bruce F. Gilsen
    Improve Your Dating: The INTNX Function Alignment Value SAMEDAY

Paper 028-31: William C. Murphy
    Squeezing Information out of Data

Paper 029-31: Erik W. Tilanus
    Gracefully Terminate a DATA Step If the Input Data File Is Not Available

Paper 030-31: Britta KelseyBassett
    The SORT Procedure: Beyond the Basics

Paper 031-31: Monal Kohli
    Project Duplication: Eradication Techniques

Paper 032-31: David Fickbohm
    Using the DATASETS Procedure

Paper 033-31: Leonid Batkhan
    Documentation–Driven Techniques for Building SASŪ Data Warehouses

Paper 034-31: Zizhong Fan
    Make the Invisible Visible: A Case Study of Importing Multiple Worksheet Files By Using the SASŪ9 LIBNAME Engine in Microsoft Excel

Paper 035-31: Ted Conway
    Sur La Table: Creating Microsoft Excel PivotTables in a Jiffy from SASŪ Data

Paper 036-31: George J. Hurley
    Xamining the X Statement (and Some Other Xciting Code)

Paper 037-31: Scott Jackson, Darrell Massengill
    SAS/AFŪ – Building a Tree View Hierarchy with Drag and Drop

Paper 038-31: Peter Crawford
    The Big Introduction from the Smallest Macro

Paper 039-31: Rick Andrews
    SASŪ Macro Dynamics – From Simple Basics to Powerful Invocations

Paper 040-31: Ted Clay
    Tight Looping with Macro Arrays

Paper 041-31: Peter Mooney, Conor McDonagh, Adam C. Winstanley
    Processing Large Environmental Data Sets with SASŪ: Writing Robust and Dynamic SAS Macro Code

Paper 042-31: Chang Y. Chung, Ian Whitlock
    %IFN – A Macro Function

Paper 043-31: Dan Bruns
    Question: How Do I Find Out What That _TYPE_ Value Is from My MEANS Procedure? Answer: The FINDTYPE Macro!

Paper 044-31: Ying Feng
    The SQL Procedure: When and How to Use It

Paper 045-31: Brian K. Varney
    Using Metadata and Project Data for Data-Driven Programming

Paper 046-31: Jack Hamilton
    DIGITS and DATES – The SQL Procedure Goes "Loopy"

Paper 047-31: Zhao Yang, Xuezheng Sun
    SASŪ Macros for Generating Abridged and Cause-Eliminated Life Tables

Paper 048-31: Alice M. Cheng
    Duration Calculation from a Clinical Programmer's Perspective

Paper 049-31: EunJoo Lee, Dallas E. Johnson
    AMMI Macros for Multiplicative Interaction Models

Paper 050-31: Diane C. Hall
    Dynamic Table Numbering – A Straightforward Approach

Paper 051-31: Derek Morgan
    Inline Formatting + Long Character Variables = "I Didn't Know You Could Do That with SASŪ"!

Paper 052-31: Hanaa M. Girgis
    Custom Template for Reporting Interim Analyses Using PROC REPORT and Output Delivery System (ODS )

Paper 053-31: Kevin D. Smith
    The TEMPLATE Procedure Styles: Evolution and Revolution

Paper 054-31: Deqing Pei, Cheng Cheng
    %DataAutoSum: A SASŪ Macro for Automatically Producing a Customized Clinical Data Summary Report

Paper 055-31: Eugene Tsykalov, Shi-Tao Yeh
    The Invisible Character ALT+255 – Hidden Dragon: Hiding and Aligning Text in SASŪ Output

Paper 056-31: Hui-Ping Chen
    Making Presentations More Fun with the DATA Step Graphics Interface (DSGI)

Paper 057-31: Mikhail Gruzdev, Blake Sanders
    Perestroika: Restructuring Data for Flexibility

Paper 058-31: Marie Alexander, Sharon Avrunin-Becker
    Getting Something from Nothing: How to Produce a TABULATE Procedure Table with All Zeros

Paper 059-31: Myra A. Oltsik, Peter Crawford
    A Better Means – The ODS Data Trap

Paper 060-31: Michael J. Molter
    The REPORT Procedure's Temporary Variable: What Is It? Why Do I Care?

Paper 061-31: Ted Conway
    XSLT-Friendly XML: Generating Structured XML from SASŪ Data

Paper 062-31: Louie Huang
    A Powerful Macro to Control Title Appearance in SAS/GRAPHŪ Output

Paper 063-31: Helen Carey
    Just Skip It

Paper 064-31: Britta K. August
    Using SASŪ Enterprise GuideŪ to Code When You're Not a Programmer

Paper 065-31: John C. Hennessey
    SASEnterprise Guide and SAS/CONNECTSoftware Peaceful Co-Existence Using SAS Code

Paper 066-31: Michael Hagendoorn, Jonathan M. Squire, Johnny Tai
    Save Those Eyes: A Quality-Control Utility for Checking RTF Output Immediately and Accurately

Paper 067-31: Wayne Hester
    Teaching Your RTF Tagset to Do Clever Tricks

Data Mining and Predictive Modeling

Paper 068-31: Ed Hughes, Phil Meanor
    SAS/ORŪ – Making Sense of Network Data with Network Visualization Workshop

Paper 069-31: Manoj Chari
    Offer Assignment with SASŪ Marketing Optimization

Paper 070-31: Martin B. Jetton, Robert Yerex
    An Application of Survival Analysis to Population Dynamics in Human Capital Management

Paper 071-31: Uzma Raja, Marietta J. Tretter
    Investigating Open Source Project Success – A Data Mining Approach to Model Formulation, Testing and Validation

Paper 072-31: Barry deVille
    Text Mining with "Holographic" Decision Tree Ensembles

Paper 073-31: Jodi Blomberg, Jacqueline K. Long
    Predicting Child Support Payment Delinquency Using SASŪ Enterprise MinerTM 5.1

Paper 074-31: Joshua P. Becker, John Wallace
    80 Ways to Spell "Refrigerator"

Paper 075-31: David Bordeleau
    Exploring Alternative Predictive Modeling Techniques to Strengthen the Customer Relationship

Paper 076-31: Chakib Battioui
    Data Mining Techniques to Analyze a Library Database

Paper 077-31: Patricia B. Cerrito, John C. Cerrito
    Data and Text Mining the Electronic Medical Record to Improve Care and to Lower Costs

Paper 078-31: Gerhard Svolba
    Efficient Construction of a "One-Row-per-Subject" Data Mart for Data Mining

Paper 079-31: Charles Manahan
    Comparison of Data Preparation Methods for Use in Model Development with SASŪ Enterprise MinerTM

Paper 080-31: Thomas J. Winn
    Fraud Detection – A Primer for SASŪ Programmers

Paper 081-31: Jin Li
    Application of Proc Discrim and Proc Logistic in Credit Risk Modeling

Paper 082-31: Wayne Thompson, David Duling
    What's New in SASŪ Enterprise MinerTM 5.2

Data Presentation

Paper 083-31: Jennifer B. Clegg, Eric Hill
    Release 2.1 of SASŪ Add-In for Microsoft Office – Adding Microsoft PowerPoint to the Mix

Paper 084-31: Benjamin A. Kupronis
    PROC FORMAT – An Analyst's Buddy

Paper 085-31: David R. Mink, David J. Pasta
    Improving Your Graphics Using the SAS/GRAPHŪ Annotate Facility

Paper 086-31: Rick M. Mitchell
    Really 'Cool' Graphics with SAS/GRAPHŪ – Plotting and Embedding Likert Scales in Your Reports

Paper 087-31: Robert S. Wilson
    Displaying the Similarity of a Case and Matched Controls

Paper 088-31: Adrienne Groulx
    Graphing Laboratory Data and an Introduction to the Custom Macro %GRAPHME

Paper 089-31: Lei Zhang, George Li
    Constructing Stack Tables with Magic %GluePlus (Another User-Defined Macro for Creating Stack Tables)

Paper 090-31: LeRoy Bessler
    Multi-Media Wizardry – How to Make ODS Outputs That "Dance and Sing"

Paper 091-31: Chevell T. Parker
    Now – That's Your Style!!!!!

Paper 092-31: Pete Lund
    PDF Can Be Pretty Darn Fancy – Advanced ODS Options for PDF Output

Paper 093-31: Sanjaya Kumar
    Show Me the Big Picture

Paper 094-31: Joel Achtenberg, Elizabeth M. Hornbeck
    Archival Documentation of a SASŪ Database via the Web

Paper 095-31: Wei Cheng
    ODS Statistical Graphics for Clinical Research

Data Warehousing, Management and Quality

Paper 096-31: Nancy Rausch
    Stars and Models – How to Build and Maintain Star Schemas Using SASŪ ETL Server

Paper 098-31: Albert Jacobs
    Quality of the ICT Service at KBC Group

Paper 099-31: Danny Grasse, Gregory S. Nelson
    Base SASŪ vs. SASŪ Data Integration Studio Understanding ETL and the SASŪ Tools Used to Support It

Paper 101-31: Mike D. Tangedal
    Using External Data Dictionary Files When Building SQL Queries in Base SASŪ

Paper 102-31: Gary Mehler
    Advanced Warehousing with SASŪ9

Paper 103-31: Brett J. Peterson
    A Strategy for Managing Data Integrity Using SASŪ

Paper 104-31: Frank DiIorio, Jeffrey M. Abolafia
    The Design and Use of Metadata – Part Fine Art, Part Black Art

Hands-on Workshops

Paper 105-31: Debbie Buck - SC
    A Hands-On Introduction to SASŪ Basics and the SASŪ Display Manager

Paper 106-31: Marje Fecht, Harry Droogendyk
    SASŪ to Publishable Excel... Seamlessly – Using ODS, XML, and Other Tricks

Paper 107-31: Steven J. First, Katie M. Ronk
    Intermediate and Advanced SASŪ Macros

Paper 108-31: Art Carpenter
    Data-Driven Annotations: An Introduction to the SAS/GRAPHŪ Annotate Facility

Paper 109-31: Charles Hallahan, Linda P. Atkinson
    Introduction to SASŪ Enterprise GuideŪ 4.1 for Statistical Analysis

Paper 110-31: Ronald Cody
    An Introduction to Perl Regular Expressions

Paper 111-31: Gregory S. Nelson
    A Pragmatic Programmers Introduction to SASŪ Data Integration Studio

Paper 112-31: Lauren Haworth - SC
    PROC TEMPLATE – The Basics

Paper 113-31: Susan J. Slaughter, Lora D. Delwiche
    Summary Tables Task in SASŪ Enterprise GuideŪ: PROC TABULATE Made Easy

Paper 114-31: Kirk P. Lafler
    A Hands-On Tour Inside the World of PROC SQL

Paper 115-31: Vince DelGobbo
    Creating AND Importing Multi-Sheet Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SASŪ

Paper 116-31: Ray Pass, Sandy McNeill
    PROC REPORT – Doing It with STYLE!

Planning, Development and Support

Paper 117-31: Marc W. Vaglio-Laurin
    Don't Just Tell Us – Show Us! Performance-Based Testing and the SASŪ Certified Professional Program

Paper 118-31: Duke Owen, Neil Howard, Mic Lajiness, Gregory S. Nelson, Rick Mitchell - SC, Lori Griffin - SC, David H. Johnson - SC, Nancy K. Wilson
    Getting the Most Out of SUGI – An Interactive Panel Discussion

Paper 119-31: Joanna Koft
    How to Grow a SASŪ Programmer

Paper 120-31: Angela M. Hall
    SASŪ Blogging –- Finding Resources & Sharing Information Outside of SAS Tech Support

Paper 121-31: Stephen M. Noga
    So You Want to Be a Manager? Summary of the SUGI 30 Panel Discussion about Issues to Consider before Aiming for a Management Career Path

Paper 122-31: Nicholson E. Warman
    Litigation Data Analysis/Auditing/ETL for BI: Triplets Separated at Birth

Paper 123-31: Lois Levin
    SASŪ Programming Guidelines

Paper 124-31: Peter W. Eberhardt, Dianne Piaskoski
    Care and Feeding of Your SASŪ Consultant and Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You – Two Views on Consulting and Consultants.

Paper 125-31: Emily Anne James
    Moving from Programmer to Statistician – A Statistical Mentoring Program

Paper 126-31: Mike Miller, David Simpson
    Moving SASŪ Solutions to a Production IT Environment


Paper 127-31: Heather G. Allore, Peter Peduzzi, Ling Han, Mary Tinetti
    Using the SASŪ System for Experimental Designs for Multi-Component Interventions in Medicine

Paper 128-31: Aaron J. Augustine, Prasenjit Dutta
    You've Got E-Mail: Automatic Log Checking via E-Mail Notification

Paper 129-31: Thaer Baroud, John W. Senner, Paul W. Johnson
    Incorporating PROC FORMAT, PROC REPORT, and ODS Style Definitions to Track Sources of Records with Poor Data

Paper 130-31: William P. Bartoli, William S. Garvin, David Gilbertz, James L. Ribble, Robert E. Schwartz
    SAS/AFŪ, SAS/IntrNetŪ, and ODS: Automation of State Health Data Collection and Report Generation

Paper 131-31: Kenneth W. Borowiak
    Using Data Set Options in PROC SQL

Paper 132-31: Helen Carey
    Just Skip It

Paper 133-31: Lingyun Chen
    Converting Multiple SASŪ Output Files to Rich Text Format Automatically without Using ODS

Paper 134-31: Ted Conway
    RIP: The Unofficial SAS Weblog, 2004–2005

Paper 135-31: Navneet K. Dhand, Jenny-Ann LML Toribio
    Combining the Power of ODS, Data Set Concatenation, and DDE to Output Customized Statistical Results from SASŪ to Microsoft Excel

Paper 136-31: Wendy B. Dickinson, Anthony Onwuegbuzie, Constance Hines
    Graphical Analysis of Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories Utilizing PROC GMAP: A Visual Inventory of Activity across the United States

Paper 138-31: Hua Fang
    %hlmdata and %hlmrmpower: Traditional Repeated Measures vs. HLM for Multilevel Longitudinal Data Analysis?Power and Type I Error Rate Comparison

Paper 139-31: Gary A. Foster, Charles H. Goldsmith
    Problems Commonly Associated with Forest Plots Addressed Using High Resolution Graphics in SASŪ

Paper 140-31: Jeff M. Gossett, Chan-Hee Jo, Pippa M. Simpson
    U.S. Health and Nutrition: SASŪ Survey Procedures and NHANES

Paper 141-31: Greg Grandits
    A System of SASŪ Macros for Producing Statistical Reports

Paper 142-31: Louise S. Hadden
    Stop! Wait! Go!: Look at What Traffic Lighting Can Do for You!

Paper 143-31: Louise S. Hadden, Mike Zdeb
    ZIP Code 411: A Well-Kept SASŪ Secret

Paper 144-31: Lora D. Delwiche, Susan J. Slaughter
    Producing Summary Tables in SASŪ Enterprise GuideŪ

Paper 145-31: Patrick Halpin
    Using SAS to Control and Automate a Multi SAS Program Process

Paper 146-31: Jeffrey D. Kromrey, Kristine Y. Hogarty
    METAPERM2: A SASŪ Macro for Permutation Tests of Linear Models in Fixed and Random Effects Meta-Analyses

Paper 147-31: Deborah M. Hurley, James Hussey, Robert McKeown, Cheryl L. Addy
    An Evaluation of Splines in Linear Regression

Paper 148-31: John Iwaniszek
    Subject Profiles Generated with Macro Profile System (MPS)

Paper 149-31: Dongming Jiang
    An Alternative Method of Producing Labels without the FORMS Procedure

Paper 150-31: Richard Koopmann, Jr.
    Exploiting Consistent Program Documentation

Paper 151-31: Jia Li, Toni Alterman, James A. Deddens
    Analysis of Large Hierarchical Data with Multilevel Logistic Modeling Using PROC GLIMMIX

Paper 152-31: Xiaoming Liang
    SASŪ9 Migration: How to Develop an Automated Process Using Perl

Paper 153-31: Choon-Chern Lim
    The Dynamic SASŪ Scheduler System (DSx3) Framework: Scheduling SAS Jobs Has Never Been Easier

Paper 154-31: Choon-Chern Lim
    Step-by-Step in Using SASŪ DDE to Create an Excel Graph Based on N Observations from a SAS Data Set

Paper 155-31: Jaime L. Llano
    Reading Compressed Text Files Using SAS Software

Paper 156-31: Zaizai Lu, David Shen
    Advanced Array Applications in Clinical Data Manipulation

Paper 157-31: Richard Massé, Luc Simon
    "PROC Photo": A Generic Method to Capture Time-Stamped States of Operational Tables

Paper 158-31: Robert S. Matthews, Thomas J. Bender
    SASŪ Programs for Extracting Data from LexisNexis Documents

Paper 159-31: Rich Mays
    ODS Layout Is Like an Onion

Paper 160-31: William F. McCarthy, Nan Guo
    "Best-in-Class" Comparison Group (BCCG) Methodology for Process of Care Performance Indicators

Paper 161-31: Susan J. Nowlin
    Data Profiling Using Base SASŪ Software: A Quick Approach to Understanding Your Data

Paper 162-31: Barbara B. Okerson
    Using Contour Plots to Promote EHR Use in Physician Offices

Paper 164-31: Brett J. Peterson
    Finding a Duplicate in a Haystack

Paper 165-31: James L. Ribble, William P. Bartoli
    How to Use SAS/IntrNetŪ and Client-Side Functionality to Automate Your SASŪ Processing

Paper 166-31: Marge Scerbo
    Identifying an Event within a Sequence of Events

Paper 167-31: Barbara Schneider, Kristan A. Schneider
    SASŪ Graphics in Motion

Paper 168-31: Richard Severino
    Getting Your Random Sample in PROC SQL

Paper 169-31: David G. Shannon
    My Enterprise Guide

Paper 170-31: David Shen, Zaizai Lu
    Computation of Correlation Coefficient and Its Confidence Interval in SASŪ

Paper 171-31: Keh-Dong Shiang
    PROC SQL: A Powerful Tool to Improve Your Data Quality

Paper 172-31: Arlene B. Siller, Linda Tompkins
    The Big Four: Analyzing Complex Sample Survey Data Using SASŪ, SPSS, STATA, and SUDAAN

Paper 173-31: Mark Tabladillo
    SASŪ Macro Design Patterns

Paper 174-31: Mark Tabladillo
    A Video Guide to SASŪ Help

Paper 175-31: Rita Tsang
    Creating Bar Charts and Scatter Plots on the Same Page, Using PROC GPLOT or PROC GBARLINE in SAS?

Paper 176-31: Eugene Tsykalov
    UltraEdit: Thumbs-Up Code Editor for SASŪ Programming on PC and UNIX Servers

Paper 177-31: Rex Tungala, Rebecca L. Montgomery
    Dynamic Superscripts and Footnotes

Paper 178-31: Thomas J. Winn
    State Agency Personnel Information Reports: A SAS/IntrNetŪ Project

Paper 179-31: Wayne Woo
    Using SAS/CONNECTŪ and the Windows API to Preserve File DateTime Stamps in a Platform Migration Project

Paper 180-31: Wei Xu
    Including All Variables in the Original Data Set If There Are Empty Fields

Paper 181-31: Shi-Tao Yeh
    Interactive Graphs from the SASŪ System

Paper 182-31: Jihao Zhou, Jane Li, Bruce Coate, Melissa Chen
    Empirical Power Estimation for Phase I Dose-Proportionality Studies Based on Power-Law Model Using Confidence Interval Criteria

Paper 183-31: Taras Zlupko
    Compass Rose in Stock Markets: The Power of SASECRSP LIBNAME

Statistics and Data Analysis

Paper 184-31: Paul D. Allison
    Fixed Effects Regression Methods in SASŪ

Paper 185-31: Maura E. Stokes, Robert N. Rodriguez
    You Can't Stop Statistics

Paper 186-31: Marla J. Husnik, Grant Colfax, Eugene Huang
    Assessing Within- and Between-Individual Effects Using Correlated Data from an HIV Clinical Trial

Paper 187-31: Feng Gao, Chengjie Xiong, Paul Thompson , J. Philip Miller
    Analyzing Multivariate Longitudinal Data Using SASŪ

Paper 188-31: Lawrence Rasouliyan, David J. Pasta
    Characterizing Patterns of Longitudinal Data Completeness through Successive Refinement

Paper 189-31: Jennifer L. Ferrell
    A Comparison of the MIXED Procedure and the GLIMMIX Procedure

Paper 190-31: Jason A. Osborne
    Estimate the False Discovery Rate Using SASŪ

Paper 191-31: David J. Pasta
    Using Statistical Graphics to Understand Your Data (Not Just to Present Results)

Paper 192-31: Robert N. Rodriguez, Tonya E. Balan
    Creating Statistical Graphics in SASŪ 9.2 – What Every Statistical User Should Know

Paper 193-31: David L. Cassell
    Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me? You're Using the Wrong PROC!

Paper 194-31: Katherine L. Baisden, Paul Hu
    The Enigma of Survey Data Analysis: Comparison of SASŪ Survey Procedures and SUDAAN Procedures

Paper 195-31: Peter H. Van Ness, Heather G. Allore
    Using SASŪ to Investigate Effect Modification

Paper 196-31: Jonas V. Bilenas
    Application of Experimental Design in Consumer Direct-Mail Solicitations

Paper 197-31: Ernest S. Shtatland
    Biosurveillance and Outbreak Detection Using the ARIMA and LOGISTIC Procedures

Paper 198-31: Wenping (Wendy) Zhang
    Using the RAND Function in SASŪ for Data Simulation in Clinical Trials

Paper 199-31: Sung-Hyuck Lee
    %MDIRT- FIT: SASŪ Macros for Fitting Multidimensional Item Response

Paper 200-31: Diana Suhr
    Exploratory or Confirmatory Factor Analysis?

Paper 201-31: David M. Thompson
    Performing Latent Class Analysis Using the CATMOD Procedure

Paper 202-31: Rupali Mohansingh, George C. Fernandez, Keith E. Dennett
    Using SASŪ for Statistical Modeling of Nutrient Removal and Water Quality Aspects from Constructed Wetlands

Paper 203-31: Paul A. Thompson
    The "Handy, Dandy, Quick-n-Dirty" Contrast Generator – A SAS/IMLŪ Macro to Support the GLM, MIXED, and GENMOD Procedures

Paper 204-31: Alan C. Elliott, Joan S. Reisch
    Implementing a Multiple Comparison Test for Proportions in a 2Ũc Crosstabulation in SASŪ

Paper 205-31: Anpalaki J. Ragavan, George C. Fernandez
    Modeling Water Quality Trend in Long Term Time Series

Paper 206-31: William F. McCarthy, Nan Guo
    The Estimation of Sensitivity and Specificity of Clustered Binary Data

Paper 207-31: Robert A. Cohen
    Introducing the GLMSELECT Procedure for Model Selection

Paper 208-31: John Castelloe, Randall D. Tobias
    Like Wine, the TTEST Procedure Improves with Age

Paper 209-31: Ralph G. O'Brien, John Castelloe
    Exploiting the Link Between the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney Test and a Simple Odds Statistic

Paper 210-31: Mithat Gonen
    Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves

Systems Architecture

Paper 211-31: Cheryl Doninger
    SASŪ Goes Grid – Managing the Workload across Your Enterprise

Paper 212-31: Greg J. McLean
    Grid Computing with SASŪ – A Developer's Perspective

Paper 213-31: Vijayanand Rajandram
    Stay in Control of Your SASŪ Environment

Paper 214-31: John W. McCue
    Understanding the System Architecture of the SASŪ ETL and the SASŪ Enterprise BI Servers for Federal Enterprise Architecture Requirements

Paper 215-31: Peter W. Eberhardt, Andrew Farrer, Zulfiqar Habib
    Banking on the Future – A Metadata Server Survival Guide

Paper 216-31: Frank M. Bartucca
    Flying a Pilot BI Solution in a Virtualized UNIX Environment

Paper 217-31: Gregory A. Smith, Diane Hatcher
    Managing Content in Your SASŪ Business Intelligence Environment

Paper 218-31: Wayne Woo
    SASŪ and VMware to Create an Environment for Computer Systems Validation in a Pharmaceutical Company

Paper 219-31: Brian O. Miles, Ben S. Zenick
    Beyond the Basics – Advanced OLAP Techniques

Paper 220-31: Richard Phillips, Gregory S. Nelson
    Real Time: What Is It? What Are We Doing about It?

Paper 221-31: Faron Kincheloe
    Sleepless in Wherever – Resolving Issues in Scheduled Jobs

Paper 222-31: Young Chun Kim
    The Value of Real-Time Scoring Technology Using SASŪ

Paper 223-31: Justin Choy, Ken Matz, Darrell Barton
    Load Balancing and Offloading Static Web Content for SASŪ9 Web Applications with Apache and BEA WebLogic

Paper 224-31: Bin Fang
    SASŪ Applications Introduced into China Customs

Paper 225-31: Bruce F. Gilsen
    CEDA – The Invisible Hand

Paper 226-31: Michael A. Raithel
    Measure the Performance of Your SAS/IntrNetŪ Applications


Paper 227-31: Scott Huntley
    Let the ODS PRINTER Statement Take Your Output into the Twenty-First Century

Paper 228-31: Andrew Kuligowski
    DATALINES, Sequential Files, CSV, HTML, and More – Using INFILE and INPUT Statements to Introduce External Data into the SASŪ System

Paper 229-31: Art Carpenter
    Simple Tests of Hypotheses for the Non-statistician: What They Are and Why They Can Go Bad

Paper 230-31: Terry Fain, Cyndie B. Gareleck
    Using SASŪ to Process Repeated Measures Data

Paper 231-31: Frederick E. Pratter
    Delivering Dynamic Content with the SASŪ Stored Process Web Application

Paper 232-31: Paul M. Dorfman, Lessia S. Shajenko
    Crafting Your Own Index: Why, When, How

Paper 233-31: Jonah P. Turner
    Dishing Up SAS/IntrNetŪ Applications – A Second Helping of a Grand Recipe

Paper 234-31: Janet Stuelpner
    The TRANSPOSE Procedure or How to Turn It Around

Paper 235-31: Ray Pass, Daphne Ewing
    So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?

Paper 236-31: Dan Bruns
    The Utter Simplicity and Power of the TABULATE Procedure

Paper 237-31: Peter Crawford
    The Personal Touch: Control Your Environment as a SASŪ User

Paper 238-31: Sunil K. Gupta
    WHERE vs. IF Statements: Knowing the Difference in How and When to Apply

Paper 239-31: Mike Zdeb, Robert Allison
    SAS/GRAPHŪ 101

Paper 240-31: Vince DelGobbo
    Creating AND Importing Multi-Sheet Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SASŪ

Paper 241-31: Paul M. Dorfman, Koen Vyverman
    DATA Step Hash Objects as Programming Tools

Paper 242-31: Howard Schreier
    SQL Set Operators: So Handy Venn You Need Them

Paper 243-31: Andrew H. Karp
    Getting into the PICTURE Format

Paper 244-31: Gregg P. Snell
    Think FAST! Use Memory Tables (Hashing) for Faster Merging

Paper 245-31: Perry Watts
    Using Database Principles to Optimize SASŪ Format Construction from Tabular Data

Paper 246-31: Ian Whitlock
    How to Think Through the SASŪ DATA Step

Paper 247-31: Ronald Cody
    An Introduction to SASŪ Character Functions

Paper 248-31: Stephen R. Philp
    Programming with the KEEP, RENAME, and DROP Data Set Options

Paper 249-31: Jonas V. Bilenas
    The Power of the FORMAT Procedure

Paper 250-31: Jimmy A. DeFoor
    The SQL Procedure – A Primer for SASŪ Programmers

Paper 251-31: Harry Droogendyk, Marje Fecht
    Demystifying the SASŪ Macro Facility - by Example

Paper 252-31: Marge Scerbo, Mic Lajiness
    FREQ 'n' MEANS

Paper 253-31: Kirk P. Lafler
    Exploring SASŪ Generation Data Sets

Paper 254-31: Michael J. Molter
    Reading Between the Lines: Distinguishing Macro Code from Open Code in Macros

Paper 255-31: Venkatesan Chakravarthy
    The VIEWTABLE Window - a Useful but Underappreciated Tool

Paper 256-31: David H. Johnson
    E–mail from your SASŪ Session: How and Why

Paper 257-31: Marje Fecht, Peter R. Bennett
    SASŪ Enterprise GuideŪ Stored Processes, Part 1: The Information Consumer's View

Paper 258-31: Marje Fecht, Peter R. Bennett
    SASŪ Enterprise GuideŪ Stored Processes, Part 2: Creation and Deployment

Paper 259-31: Peter W. Eberhardt, Ilene K. Brill
    How Do I Look It Up If I Cannot Spell It: An Introduction to SASŪ DICTIONARY Tables

Paper 260-31: Chris Olinger, Tim Weeks
    The Ins and Outs of SASŪ ETL Studio

Paper 261-31: Stuart D. Long, Jeffrey M. Abolafia, Lawrence Park
    Using SASŪ ODS to Extract and Merge Statistics from Multiple SASŪ Procedures

Paper 262-31: Jeff Cartier
    A Programmer's Introduction to the Graph Template Language

Paper 263-31: Eric Gebhart
    The Beginners Guide to ODS Markup: Don't Panic!

Paper 264-31: Curtis E. Mack
    Improve Database Transaction Processing Using MODIFY, the Most Under-Appreciated DATA Step File-Handling Statement