SAS® University Edition®

Teachers, students, independent learners, and academic researchers can download this software for free if it's used for noncommercial learning purposes. It includes Base SAS®, SAS/STAT®, SAS/IML®, SAS/ACCESS® Interface to PC Files and SAS® Studio. Once you've downloaded the software to your PC, Mac, or Linux workstation, SAS works locally on your machine by using virtualization software and your browser, so no Internet access is required. Or you can get SAS University Edition for free via AWS Marketplace (AWS usage fees may apply).

Upcoming Changes to SAS® University Edition

SAS OnDemand for Academics is now the primary software choice for learners.  Access to SAS University Edition will end Aug. 2, 2021; users will no longer be able to download it after Apr. 30, 2021. Check out SAS® OnDemand for Academics today for free access to SAS for individual learners as well as university educators and students.

For more features, see SAS University Edition: Help Center.

Get Started

 Get free software for teaching and learning SAS skills that you can use in introductory to advanced-level statistics and quantitative methods classes, or in self-directed learning. These resources are a great place to start. 

Watch video

View a demonstration of how SAS University Edition can be used to explore data, run analyses and write SAS programs using the SAS Studio interface.

Read about the key features of SAS University Edition and how you can use it to expand your analytical skills. 

Learn the basics

Because SAS University Edition is a virtual application, you need virtualization software to run it. Get started by learning how to download the virtualization software, download the SAS University Edition vApp, and set up shared folders to access your data.

You can also choose to run SAS University Edition in the cloud by using Amazon Web Services Marketplace. Read about some of the differences in this tutorial:

Stay connected

Be part of the SAS University Edition community. We offer a variety of ways for you to interact with users and experts.


Browse our library of free SAS University Edition tutorials. Learn something new. Sharpen your skills.

Using SAS User Interfaces

View an overview of SAS software and the various user interfaces. 

Getting Started with SAS Studio

Learn how to view a data table, write and submit SAS code, view the log and results, and quickly generate graphs and statistical analyses. 

Accessing Your Existing Data

Learn how to access your existing local files using the SAS Studio interface and in SAS program code. 

Advanced Tutorials

Expand your SAS University Edition skill set with next-level tutorials.


SAS University Edition Blogs & Communities

Connect with other SAS users by joining a users group or attending an upcoming event.

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