SAS Global Forum Proceedings / SUGI 30 2005


Paper 001-30: Lois Levin
    PROC FORMAT ? Not Just Another Pretty Face

Paper 002-30: Rick Langston
    Efficiency Considerations Using the SAS System

Paper 003-30: Peter W. Eberhardt, Richard A. DeVenezia
    Through the Looking Glass: Two Windows into SAS

Paper 004-30: Ronald Fehd
    Journeymen's Tools: Two Macros, ProgList and PutMvars, to Show Calling Sequence and Parameters of Routines

Paper 005-30: Bernard Nicoll
    SAS Batch Portal Data Collection and Real-Time Monitoring Application of SAS Batch Jobs

Paper 006-30: David J. Bosak
    How to Get SAS Data into PowerPoint with SAS9

Paper 007-30: Ray Pass
    I'll Have the PROC TABULATE a la ODS Please, with a Table of Contents on the Side

Paper 008-30: Billy Clifford
    Frequently Asked Questions about SAS Indexes

Paper 009-30: Brian P. Fairfield-Carter, Stephen Hunt, Tracy Sherman
    Instant SAS Applications with VBScript, JScript, and DHTML

Paper 010-30: John Leveille, Joey Leveille
    Sexy SAS/IntrNet: A Macromedia Flash Front-end for SAS Web Applications

Paper 011-30: Phil Rhodes
    Automating the Drudgery Away: Using Macros and ODS to Produce (Almost) Complete Reports

Paper 012-30: Richard A. DeVenezia
    Tetris: SAS/AF Considerations

Paper 013-30: Stuart D. Long
    Contrasting Programming Techniques for Summarizing Voluminous SAS Output Using the SAS Output Delivery System (ODS)

Paper 014-30: Eric A. Gebhart
    Tagset Spelunking and Cartography: Debugging and Exploring Tagsets with Battery-Powered Headlamps

Paper 015-30: Greg Silva
    Automatic Parameter Checking

Paper 016-30: Myra A. Oltsik
    Data Sets and Variables and Labels, Oh My!

Paper 018-30: Derek Morgan
    Building a Data-Driven, Computer-Assisted Interview Using SAS/AF

Paper 019-30: Chris Hemedinger
    Boost Your Programming Productivity with SAS Enterprise Guide

Paper 020-30: Kevin M. Campbell
    Rule Your Data with The Link King (a SAS/AF application for record linkage and unduplication)

Paper 021-30: Denis L. Cogswell
    More Than Batch: A Production SAS Framework

Paper 022-30: Rick Andrews, Sherry Dixon
    Performance Monitoring for SAS Programs on Windows XP

Paper 023-30: Michael G. Sadof
    Connecting Simply with SAS/CONNECT

Paper 024-30: Jonah P. Turner
    Spicing Up SAS/IntrNet Applications

Paper 025-30: Koen Vyverman
    Publishing Jack Vance: The SAS System as a Tool for Literary Analysis

Paper 026-30: Steven Feder
    Reporting and Interacting with Excel Spreadsheets with ODS and DDE

Paper 027-30: Denis Michel
    CALL EXECUTE: A Powerful Data Management Tool

Paper 028-30: Art Carpenter
    Storing and Using a List of Values in a Macro Variable

Paper 029-30: Robert J. Morris
    Text Utility Macros for Manipulating Lists of Variable Names

Paper 030-30: Debbie Miller
    A Sample Macro for Creating a List on the Fly

Paper 031-30: Jeffrey M. Abolafia
    What Would I Do without PROC SQL and the Macro Language?

Paper 032-30: Robert G. Edson, Yajie Wang, Lan Zhao
    A SAS Macro for Producing Customized Reports

Paper 033-30: Michael G. Eberhart
    Using Variable Values to Change Macro Variables in Loop Processing

Paper 034-30: Ted Conway
    A Better SYSIN Than SYSIN: Instream Files on Any Platform

Paper 035-30: Michael A. Raithel
    Automatically Process a Varying Number of New Data Files from a "Data Directory"

Paper 036-30: Nestor Rohowsky
    Reporting Statistical Results with PROC REPORT

Paper 037-30: Britta Kelsey
    The Mystery of the PROC SORT Options NODUPRECS and NODUPKEY Revealed

Paper 038-30: Gary M. McQuown
    PROC IMPORT with a Twist

Paper 039-30: Sunil K. Gupta
    An Alternative Method of Transposing Data without the TRANSPOSE Procedure

Paper 040-30: Helen C. Sun, Cindy Wong
    A Macro for Importing Multiple Excel Worksheets into SAS Data Sets

Paper 041-30: Diane C. Hall
    Using an Excel Spreadsheet with PC SAS, No Gymnastics Required!

Paper 042-30: Zizhong Fan
    Make the Invisible Visible: A Case Study of Using ODS Inline Formatting Style

Paper 043-30: Lauren Haworth - SC
    Applying Microsoft Word Styles to ODS RTF Output

Paper 044-30: Rubin Nan, David Mullins
    A Microsoft Access GUI for SAS Automation

Paper 045-30: Koen Vyverman
    A Matter of Presentation: Generating PowerPoint Slides from Base SAS Using Dynamic Data Exchange

Paper 046-30: Don Boudreaux, Keith Cranford
    %htmlForm: An HTML Form and SAS/IntrNet Code Generator

Paper 047-30: Greg J. McLean
    "That Can't Be SAS!" Starting SAS/AF Applications

Paper 048-30: Chang Y. Chung, Ya Huang
    %CYARROW, a New Annotate Macro

Paper 049-30: Hui-Ping Chen
    Creating Flexible Graphics with the DATA Step Graphics Interface (DSGI)

Paper 050-30: Stephen McDaniel, Chris Hemedinger
    The New World of SAS: Programming with SAS Enterprise Guide

Paper 051-30: Rick Langston
    Text on My Remote Control: An Experiment in Shortest Distance Using SAS Software

Paper 052-30: James C. Stokes
    Remote Compute Services Simply Stated

Paper 053-30: Michael G. Eberhart
    Creating a Numeric Format to Suppress Small Numbers

Paper 054-30: Jenine Eason
    PROC FORMAT: A Speedy Alternative to Sort/Merge

Paper 055-30: Dianne Louise Rhodes
    Pretty Dates All in a Row

Paper 056-30: Rodger Zhang
    Customer Segmentation by Using CALL SYMPUT, Arrays, and DO Loops

Paper 057-30: Stuart Pollack
    Techniques for Effectively Selecting Groups of Variables

Paper 058-30: Andrew T. Kuligowski
    In Search of the LOST CARD

Paper 059-30: David J. Austin
    A Clever Demonstration of the SAS SUBSTR Function

Paper 060-30: Deb Cassidy
    How Old Am I?

Paper 061-30: William C. Murphy
    Slicing and Dicing the SAS Data Set

Paper 062-30: Andrew H. Karp
    A Shift in Time: Using SAS Date Alignment Operators

Paper 063-30: David Steves, Denise A. Figliozzi
    Automation of Code Leads to a Vacation for You: Enabling and Disabling Table Constraints in an Oracle Table with SAS X Commands

Paper 064-30: Kryn Krautheim
    Mainframe SAS for the 21st Century

Paper 065-30: Jianming He
    Some UNIX Tips for SAS Programming

Paper 066-30: Rick Langston
    The Pegboard Game: An Iterative SAS Program to Solve It

Paper 067-30: Ronald Fehd
    Journeymen's Tools: The Writing for Reading and Reuse Program Header

Paper 068-30: Brian P. Fairfield-Carter, Stephen Hunt
    A Hacker's Guide to SAS Environment Customization

Paper 069-30: Rick Mitchell - SC
    Stranded on a Desert Island with Nothing but TITLE Statements

Paper 070-30: Kirk P. Lafler
    Exploring DICTIONARY Tables and Views

Paper 071-30: Terry Woodfield
    Predicting Workers' Compensation Insurance Fraud Using SAS Enterprise Miner 5.1 and SAS Text Miner

Paper 072-30: Christine L. Warner
    Automating Predictive Analysis to Predict Medicare Fraud

Paper 073-30: Will Potts
    Predicting Customer Value

Paper 074-30: Kattamuri S. Sarma
    Combining Decision Trees with Regression in Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner

Paper 075-30: David A. Dickey
    Teaching Data Mining in a University Environment

Paper 076-30: Patricia B. Cerrito
    Combining SAS Text Miner with the Association Node in SAS Enterprise Miner to Investigate Inventory Data

Paper 077-30: J. Michael Hardin, Michael D. Conerly
    The University of Alabama and SAS Data Mining Certificate Partnership

Paper 078-30: Adnan Asar
    A Comparative Estimation of Machine Learning Methods on QSAR Data Sets

Paper 079-30: Leonardo Auslender
    On GSForward—The Experimental Variable Selection Node in SAS Enterprise Miner 5.1

Paper 080-30: Michael Leonard, Brenda Wolfe
    Mining Transactional and Time Series Data

Paper 081-30: David Duling, Robert Chu
    Message Queue-Based Scoring Interface

Paper 082-30: Carl Lee, Tim Rey, James W. Mentele, Michael Garver
    Structured Neural Network Techniques for Modeling Loyalty and Profitability

Paper 083-30: Ryszard Szupiluk, Piotr Wojewnik, Tomasz S. Zabkowski
    A Multi-Model Approach to Improve Final Results

Paper 084-30: Charles Manahan
    A Proportional Hazards Approach to Campaign List Selection

Paper 085-30: Eric A. Gebhart
    ODS Markup: The SAS Reports You've Always Dreamed Of

Paper 086-30: Frank Poppe
    Store Your Output and Digest It Later

Paper 087-30: Barbara L. Lockley
    Across the Great Divide: Creating PC-Ready Formatted Output Using Base SAS Output Delivery System on the Mainframe

Paper 088-30: Cynthia L. Zender
    The Power of Table Templates and DATA _NULL_

Paper 089-30: Perry Watts
    Using Single-Purpose SAS Macros to Format Excel Spreadsheets with DDE

Paper 090-30: Darrell Massengill
    Tips and Tricks: Using SAS/GRAPH Effectively

Paper 091-30: Louise S. Hadden
    PROC TABULATE and ODS RTF: The Perfect Fit for Complex Tables

Paper 092-30: David Brown
    %sas2xl: A Flexible SAS Macro That Uses Tagsets to Produce Complex, Multi-Tab Excel Spreadsheets with Custom Formatting

Paper 093-30: Frank Poppe
    Creating Complicated Word Documents from an Intranet Application

Paper 094-30: Wei Cheng
    SAS 8 Is Seen in the Rearview Mirror: Generate Statistical Graphics Using ODS in SAS9

Paper 095-30: Jeffery D. Gilbert
    Web Reporting Using the ODS

Paper 096-30: John E. Bentley
    Producing Multipurpose Metadata for Data Quality and a Data Dictionary

Paper 097-30: David Steves, Denise A. Figliozzi
    Budget Living with Pseudo ETL: Creating Your Own ETL Tool through SAS

Paper 098-30: Gary Mehler
    Best Practices in Enterprise Data Management

Paper 099-30: Larry Hoyle
    Using XML Mapper and XMLMAP to Read Data Documented by Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Files

Paper 100-30: Garth Helf
    Extreme Web Access: What to Do When FILENAME URL Is Not Enough

Paper 101-30: Russ Lavery
    The SQL Optimizer Project: _Method and _Tree in SAS9.1

Paper 102-30: Brett Dorr, Pat Herbert
    Data Profiling: Designing the Blueprint for Improved Data Quality

Paper 103-30: Rick Aster
    Simplify Existing Projects with Ideas from Data Warehousing

Paper 104-30: Katherine Prairie
    Taming Transformation: A Strategy for Metadata within the Warehouse

Paper 107-30: Steven Flannes

    Working Effectively with the Angry, Critical Client: Real-World Solutions to Help You Get the Job Done

Paper 109-30: Gina Davidovic
    Effective Project Management of SAS Projects: Adapting the PMI Framework

Paper 111-30: Catherine Truxillo
    Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation with Incomplete Data

Paper 112-30: Christopher F. Ake
    Rounding after Multiple Imputation with Non-Binary Categorical Covariates

Paper 113-30: Paul D. Allison
    Imputation of Categorical Variables with PROC MI

Paper 117-30: Gregory S. Nelson - SC, Michael A. Walega
    Designing a Global SAS9 Architecture for Clinical Trials Analysis and Reporting

Paper 123-30: Ralph Kimball
    ETL: The Heavy Lifting That Makes BI Possible

Paper 125-30: Debbie Weisensee, Eric Matthews, Anne McInnis
    Implementing Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence at McMaster University Using the SAS Intelligence Value Chain

Paper 127-30: Dan Bruns
    The Utter "Simplicity" and Power of the TABULATE Procedure

Paper 128-30: Charles Hallahan, Linda P. Atkinson
    Introduction to SAS Enterprise Guide 3.0 for Statistical Analysis

Paper 129-30: Marje Fecht
    SAS9 Programming Enhancements

Paper 130-30: Katie M. Ronk, Steven J. First
    SAS Macro Variables and Simple Macro Programs

Paper 131-30: Eric Rossland, Kari Richardson
    A Quick Tour of SAS ETL Studio to Build a Data Mart

Paper 132-30: Lauren Haworth - SC
    SAS with Style: Creating Your Own ODS Style Template for PDF Output

Paper 133-30: Miriam G. Cisternas, Art Carpenter
    Extreme Graphics Makeover: Using SAS/GRAPH to Get the Graphical Output You Need

Paper 134-30: Debbie Buck - SC
    A Hands-On Introduction to SAS DATA Step Programming

Paper 135-30: Eric Rossland, Kari Richardson
    Creating and Using SAS Stored Processes with SAS Enterprise Guide

Paper 136-30: Vince DelGobbo
    Moving Data and Analytical Results between SAS and Microsoft Office

Paper 137-30: Mike Zdeb, Robert Allison
    Stretching the Bounds of SAS/GRAPH Software

Paper 138-30: David L. Cassell
    PRX Functions and CALL Routines

Paper 139-30: Bryan K. Beverly
    Using SAS to Automate Project Management Evaluation and Forecasting Techniques

Paper 140-30: Brian Mitchell
    Using Extreme Programming Processes in a SAS Environment

Paper 141-30: John E. Bentley
    Software Testing Fundamentals—Concepts, Roles, and Terminology

Paper 142-30: Paul Hankey
    Usability and Usability Testing at SAS

Paper 143-30: Stephen M. Noga, Lauren Haworth - SC, Andrew T. Kuligowski
    So You Want to Be a Manager? - A Panel Discussion on Issues to Consider Before Aiming for a Management Career Path

Paper 144-30: Nicholson E. Warman
    Litigation and SAS: Some Dos and Don'ts (or, You Call that Evidence?)

Paper 145-30: Denise A. Figliozzi, David Steves
    Everybody Loves SAS! They Just Don't Know It Yet

Paper 146-30: Stephanie R. Thompson
    New to SAS and New to Programming? What You Need to Do Before Typing Code

Paper 147-30: Ginger Carey, Helen Carey - SC
    Where to Go from Here: Learning More About SAS Software

Paper 148-30: Rick Mitchell - SC
    Fast and Easy Ways to Annoy the Job Security Specialist

Paper 149-30: Sarbjit Rai
    SAS Certification: An End User's Review

Paper 150-30: Rosemary Kirousis, Stephen Kurtz, Paul Kelley
    Expansion of Existing "Journal Club" to Include Internal SAS Training Sessions: Considerations for Establishing Internal SAS Training Sessions

Paper 151-30: Warren B. Bilker, Colleen M. Brensinger, Ruben C. Gur, Maximilian Herlim
    A SAS Macro for Visually Displaying Correlations between Brain Regions Using fMRI Data

Paper 152-30: Robert S. Matthews, Ilene K. Brill
    SAS Programs to Select Controls for Matched Case-Control Studies

Paper 153-30: Nicole D. Brooks
    Using SAS to Detect Errors in X12-Arima Seasonal Adjustment

Paper 154-30: William C. Murphy
    No %'s or &'s: Macros Inside the SAS DATA Step

Paper 155-30: Bin Chen, Lynn Seel, Dennis Zaebst
    A Macro to Calculate Kappa Statistics for Categorizations by Multiple Raters

Paper 156-30: Heidi Christ-Schmidt, Matt Downs
    A SAS Macro to Generate Enhanced Kaplan-Meier Plots

Paper 157-30: Ted Conway
    Make Bill Gates and Dr. Goodnight Run Your SAS Code: Using VBA, ADO, and IOM to Make Excel and SAS Play Nice

Paper 158-30: Balakrishna Dandamudi
    Automation of Clinical Trial Laboratory Data Acquisition Using SAS and DDE

Paper 159-30: Wendy B. Dickinson, Tanice Knopp
    Toward Effective Student Outcomes: Survey Data Analysis for Evaluation of School-Based Transdisciplinary Autism Teaming

Paper 160-30: Jenine Eason
    The Evolution of a SAS/GRAPH Application

Paper 161-30: Ying Feng
    Generating Custom Report Tables: Using SAS with DDE and VBA

Paper 162-30: Bruce F. Gilsen
    Benchmarking Character String Replacement

Paper 163-30: Kristine Y. Hogarty, Jeffrey D. Kromrey, Melinda R. Hess, John M. Ferron
    A Macro for Computing Point Estimates and Confidence Intervals for Mahalanobis Distance

Paper 164-30: Zbigniew A. Kadziola
    An Easy-to-Use SAS Table Formatting Macro: Stand-Alone, Flexible, and Quick

Paper 165-30: Britta Kelsey
    Standardization through Macros: The Possibilities of Using Indirect Referencing to Macro Variables

Paper 166-30: Arkady M. Kushnir
    Statistical Analysis of Steel Formability

Paper 167-30: John Shingler, Mollie Van Loon, Ken Rosenberry
    Using Perl As A Front-end For SAS Database Updates

Paper 168-30: Mark Tabladillo
    Macro Architecture in Pictures

Paper 169-30: Andy Mauromoustakos, Kevin Thompson
    JMP versus SAS Overview with a JSL Guide for the SAS Programmer

Paper 170-30: Neal Musitano Jr.
    E-Mail z/OS SAS/MXG Tape Management Reports with ODS Traffic Lighting

Paper 171-30: Barbara B. Okerson
    Using SAS/GRAPH GMAP to Enhance a Diabetes Wellness Campaign

Paper 172-30: Lori S. Parsons
    Using SAS9 ODS Features to Present Table and Graph Data in an Adobe PDF File

Paper 173-30: George Rezek
    A System to Calculate Market Value-at-Risk Using Monte Carlo Simulation II: Reporting

Paper 174-30: Barbara Schneider, Kristan A. Schneider
    SAS Graphics in Motion

Paper 176-30: Joe Kelley - SC
    Behind the Scenes at SAS-L

Paper 177-30: Mir S. Siadaty, Jianfen Shu
    Using SAS to Estimate Proportional Odds Ratio Model for Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Tests

Paper 178-30: Mark Tabladillo
    Mapping an Exclusive Regular Expression Strategy

Paper 179-30: Susan J. Slaughter, Lora D. Delwiche
    Summary Tables in SAS Enterprise Guide: PROC TABULATE Made Easy

Paper 180-30: Catherine R. Stein, Raymond B. Devore, Barbara E. Wojcik
    Calculation of the Kappa Statistic for Inter-Rater Reliability: The Case Where Raters Can Select Multiple Responses from a Large Number of Categories

Paper 181-30: Rita Tsang
    Creating Bar Charts and Scatter Plots Using the SAS GPLOT Procedure??Both on the Same Page? It Is Easier Than You Think!

Paper 183-30: Shi-Tao Yeh
    Customizing ODS Statistical Graphics

Paper 184-30: Jihao Zhou, Bruce Coate
    Empirical Power for Higher-Order Crossover Designs in Comparative Bioavailability Clinical Trials

Paper 185-30: Gary M. McQuown, Brett C. Peppe   SPM at 1 A.M.

Paper 186-30: Chuck Reap
    A Regulatory Compliant Process for Developing SAS-Based Reports

Paper 187-30: Jeff Wright, Patrick H. Alston, Sharon Schiro, Tim Walters
    PreMIS: Pre-hospital Medical Information System

Paper 188-30: William S. Holland
    Integration of SAS Data Warehousing/Mining and Enterprise Collaboration and Data Aquisition Portals with ESRI-Based Geographic Information Systems and Public Sector Business Systems

Paper 189-30: Crystal Vierhout
    SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office Goes to the Dairy Farm

Paper 190-30: Michael Protz, Joe Zilka, Jeff Mudd
    A SAS Framework for Network Security Intelligence

Paper 191-30: Carol Kassel
    Drilling Down on Web Usage: Custom Applications of SAS Web Analytics

Paper 192-30: David A. Dickey
    Stationarity Issues in Time Series Models

Paper 193-30: Michael Leonard, Brenda Wolfe, Paddy Fahey
    Introducing SAS Forecast Studio

Paper 194-30: Patricia B. Cerrito
    Comparing the SAS Forecasting System with PROC HPF and SAS Enterprise Miner

Paper 195-30: Eugene Brusilovskiy
    Single Event Timing Model with Heterogeneity: Predicting the Time of the First Home Purchase by Immigrants

Paper 196-30: Oliver Schabenberger
    Introducing the GLIMMIX Procedure for Generalized Linear Mixed Models

Paper 197-30: Bin Yang
    Analyzing Incomplete Binary Repeated Measures Data Using SAS

Paper 198-30: Charles D. Kincaid
    Guidelines for Selecting the Covariance Structure in Mixed Model Analysis

Paper 199-30: Anuradha Roy, Ravindra Khattree
    Testing the Hypothesis of a Kroneckar Product Covariance Matrix in Multivariate Repeated Measures Data

Paper 200-30: Erin D. Shannon, MaryAnne D. Hope
    A Comparison of Two Procedures to Fit Multi-Level Data: PROC GLM versus PROC MIXED

Paper 201-30: Matthew W. Wheeler
    Benchmark Dose Estimation Using SAS

Paper 202-30: Vincent J. Faber
    Using Procedure-Based ODS Data Components in Statistical Reporting

Paper 203-30: Diana Suhr
    Principal Component Analysis versus Exploratory Factor Analysis

Paper 204-30: Robert Terry, Sung-Hyuck Lee
    IRT-FIT: SAS Macros for Fitting Item Response Theory (IRT) Models

Paper 205-30: Marc Gameroff
    Using the Proportional Odds Model for Health-Related Outcomes: Why, When, and How with Various SAS Procedures

Paper 206-30: Emily M. Cain, Ken Kleinman, Ernest S. Shtatland
    Model Building in PROC PHREG with Automatic Variable Selection and Information Criteria

Paper 207-30: Joel Dubin, Theodore R. Holford, Peter H. Van Ness
    Power Simulation for Categorical Data Using the RANTBL Function

Paper 208-30: Cam-Loi Huynh
    Estimation of Type III Error and Power for Directional Two-Tailed Tests Using PROC POWER

Paper 209-30: Khorsand (Kaine) Bondari
    Mixture Experiments and Their Applications in Agricultural Research

Paper 210-30: John Sall
    JMP Version 6 Featuring Split Plots

Paper 211-30: Jayawant N. Mandrekar, Sumithra J. Mandrekar
    Statistical Methods in Diagnostic Medicine Using SAS Software

Paper 212-30: David J. Pasta
    Parameterizing Models to Test the Hypotheses You Want: Coding Indicator Variables and Modified Continuous Variables

Paper 213-30: Colin Chen
    An Introduction to Quantile Regression and the QUANTREG Procedure

Paper 214-30: Tim Walters
    Are You Ready to Roll? SAS9 Implementation Lessons Learned

Paper 215-30: Mark G. Lucas
    Environments Needed for the Successful Deployment of a Data Mart/Warehouse

Paper 216-30: David J. Bosak
    Reporting SAS9 License Usage

Paper 217-30: John R. Roth
    Configuring J2EE Application Servers for Use with the SAS9 BI Platform

Paper 218-30: Alec S. Fernandez
    The Configuration Wizard: The Essential Final Step in Completing Your SAS BI Installation and Deployment

Paper 219-30: Michael A. Raithel
    Programmatically Measure SAS Application Performance on Any Computer Platform with the New LOGPARSE SAS Macro

Paper 220-30: Frank Pecjak
    Dynamic Load Balancing for ETL in SAS9

Paper 221-30: Frank M. Bartucca, Edward Hayes-Hall
    Achieving Optimal I/O Performance with SAS9

Paper 223-30: Trang X. Lance
    The Rolling Stones Were Right (Time Is on Our Side): An Application of SAS Multiprocessing

Paper 224-30: Russ Lavery
    An Animated Guide to Basic Parallel Processing

Paper 225-30: Maureen E. Chew
    SAS9 on Solaris 10: The Doctor is "In" (And makes house calls)

Paper 226-30: Brian P. Fairfield-Carter, Stephen Hunt, Tracy Sherman
    An Introduction to SAS Applications of the Windows Scripting Host

Paper 228-30: Brian P. Fairfield-Carter
    Managing a SAS Programming Environment Using Data Access Pages and the Microsoft Office Data Source Control

Paper 230-30: Karen Curran
    Using SAS Enterprise Guide in a Global Programming Environment

Paper 231-30: Gary E. Schlegelmilch
    Shuffling, Shifting, and Structuring Using the Program Editor

Paper 232-30: Debbie Buck - SC, Larry Stewart
    Explaining Unexpected Log Messages and Output Results from DATA Step Code

Paper 233-30: Ronald Cody
    An Introduction to SAS Character Functions (Including Some New SAS9 Functions)

Paper 234-30: Graham G. Murray
    ASP.NET and SAS?A New Model for Developing Web-based SAS System Applications

Paper 235-30: Jeff Wright
    Catch the Stream: Stored Processes, ODS, and Java

Paper 236-30: Paul M. Dorfman, Koen Vyverman
    DATA Step Hash Objects as Programming Tools

Paper 237-30: Michael J. Molter
    Holy Macro! An Intuitive Approach to Understanding the Macro Facility

Paper 238-30: Gerald D. Frey
    SAS Excels!

Paper 239-30: Cynthia L. Zender, Catherine Truxillo
    Customizing ODS Statistical Graphs

Paper 240-30: Jack N. Shoemaker
    XML Primer for SAS Programmers

Paper 241-30: Richard A. DeVenezia
    Java in SAS: JavaObj, a DATA Step Component Object

Paper 242-30: Teresa Schudrowitz, Steven J. First
    Arrays Made Easy: An Introduction to Arrays and Array Processing

Paper 243-30: Jonas V. Bilenas
    Making Sense of PROC TABULATE

Paper 244-30: Daphne Ewing, Ray Pass
    So Now You're Using PROC REPORT?Is It Pretty and Automated?

Paper 245-30: Jennifer B. Clegg, I-Kong Fu
    Microsoft Office Integration with the SAS BI Server

Paper 246-30: Marje Fecht, Peter R. Bennett
    End-to-End Web Reporting Using SAS Enterprise Guide 3.0: Who Does What and When

Paper 247-30: Michael A. Raithel
    The Basics of Using SAS Indexes

Paper 248-30: David H. Johnson
    SAS with the Windows API

Paper 249-30: Malachy (Mal) J. Foley
    Merging versus Joining: Comparing the DATA Step with SQL

Paper 250-30: Peter W. Eberhardt
    The SAS DATA Step: Where Your Input Matters

Paper 251-30: Howard Schreier
    Let Your Data Power Your DATA Step: Making Effective Use of the SET, MERGE, UPDATE, and MODIFY Statements

Paper 252-30: Ian Whitlock
    Macro Bugs – How to Create, Avoid, and Destroy Them

Paper 253-30: Andrew H. Karp
    My Friend the SAS Format

Paper 254-30: Terry Fain, Cyndie B. Gareleck
    Using SAS to Process Repeated Measures Data

Paper 255-30: Art Carpenter
    Looking for a Date? A Tutorial on Using SAS Dates and Times

Paper 256-30: Sylvain Tremblay
    Decision Tree Validation: A Comprehensive Approach

Paper 257-30: Pete Lund - SC
    An Introduction to SQL in SAS

Paper 258-30: Dianne Louise Rhodes
    Speaking Klingon: A Translator's Guide to PROC TABULATE

Paper 259-30: Ben T. Cochran
    A Gentle Introduction to the Powerful REPORT Procedure

Paper 260-30: Sunil K. Gupta
    SAS ODS Technology for Today's Decision Makers

Paper 261-30: Kirk P. Lafler
    Manipulating Data with PROC SQL

Paper 262-30: Dan Bruns
    An Introduction to the Simplicity and Power of SAS/GRAPH

Paper 263-30: Marge Scerbo, Mic Lajiness
    PROC FREQ and PROC MEANS: To Stat or Not to Stat

Paper 264-30: Chris Olinger
    A Sample Web-Based Reporting Container for ODS XML Reports

Paper 265-30: Susan J. Slaughter, Lora D. Delwiche
    Turning Raw Data into Polished Reports

Paper 266-30: Dana Rafiee
    SAS9 Changes and Enhancements

Paper 267-30: Ronald Fehd
    A SASAUTOS Companion: Reusing Macros

Paper 268-30: Frank DiIorio
    Rules for Tools: The SAS Utility Primer